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We were just gonna go vote, but then we found out Nader isn't on the polls in Georgia, thus this Special Report, courtesy of degenerate JDP:
It is critically important that if you plan on voting for Nader (or any other Greenery not on the ballot), you must fill in the form precisely, lest it be discarded. See "" for details. "Bush and Gore make me wanna Ralph!"
And is anyone else pissed off at all these Gore Whores who are accusing the Greens of stealing away votes? It's not like Gore can win in the Rebel flag-flyin', chicken nugget factory worker-fryin', civil rights denyin' South anyway! Shivva H. Vishnu! If that son of a Clarence Thomas confirmin', Antonin Scalia blowin' rent-boy doesn't win, then maybe someone with his ear will be unlucky enough to ask one of us why we didn't vote for that Quisling.

By the way, if you don't want to sit at home dreading the results in front of the TV tonight's Drive Invasion is Charlie's Angels at Starlight Drive In at 7:30. The usual drive in crowd will be there, Degenerate Press staff included.

And here's an excerpt from Rick Steves' travel ezine that contains some interesting food for thought on this election day:

After each European trip, my favorite souvenir is a roughed-up perspective.
Time and time again, Europeans make this liberal feel like a crusty old conservative. Consider these recent jolts to my American outlook.
Hiking along an Alpine ridge with a Swiss friend, I asked, "How can the Swiss accept such high taxes?" Without missing a step he asked, "What's it worth to live in a country with no hunger and no homelessness?" Then, as if to hit me when I'm down, he added, "In Switzerland our minimum wage is double that of America's."
Chatting with friends in an Amsterdam coffee shop, I boasted that crime is down in the USA. My Dutch friend--a teacher who works in a land where schools and guns never appear in the same headline--told me, "Yes, but American jails hold one-quarter of all prisoners on earth." He added, "A society must make a choice: tolerate different lifestyles or build more prisons."
In Rome, I enjoyed the colorful dance of searchlights on the 2000-year-old face of the Colosseum. Once a theater of death, today the Colosseum is a symbol of life. An Italian explained, "Every time a death sentence is commuted in the USA, Romans celebrate with a light show on our Colosseum."
Biking through a forest of sleek modern windmills on the Danish island of Aero, I clucked about how the USA led the world in Olympic gold medals. "In number perhaps," my Danish friend said, "but per capita, the Danes have triple the American total."
Aero's residents are in a race of their own: to be the first completely wind-powered community in all of Europe. They're on track for a gold medal in environmentalism. Like many Europeans, the Danes don't measure standard-of-living in material consumption. Compared to Americans, they consume less and believe they live better.
Even though I'm a committed American capitalist and would live nowhere else, I'm fascinated by European attitudes and solutions. As we wrestle with an historically close presidential election, I want to understand the issues from a global perspective.
On November 7th, if you respect Europe's humanist values, consider Europe's political perspective as well. Whatever your choice, please vote.
Thanks, Rick Steves
P.S. Our completely apolitical November travel newsletter is filled with handy and fun travel tips. Click on over to

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