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Friday we picked up a few degenerates and headed over to the Hilton. We parked around the corner and got lost in the habitrail tunnel system that allows the Peachtree Center and surrounding hotel patrons to avoid going into the outside world at all. Eventually we found our way to the Hilton and Trader Vic's. The joint is done up in faux Hawaiian and staffed by polite and speedy Japanese. We mingled for a bit, then picked up a couple of free fruity drinks in goofy mugs with all sorts of umbrellas and crap sticking out the top. They're complex drinks, filled with a variety (and high quantity) of liquors, pieces of fruit, and sweet juices - stuff you know is going to cost you in the morning. I scattered, smothered and covered the place with invites for our New Years Eve Carnal Carnival and settled in for socializing while The Penetrators filled the room with surging surf. Johnny Knox filled in for a missing member, altering their usual style a bit but not for the worse. Another round of drinks and I'm already catching a buzz. We sampled a variety of the strangely named drinks off the extensive menu. Most were good. All were deadly.
Don Horrowitz started up with a who's who of local musicians for his band. Johnny Knox played a mean slide guitar, Clete strummed a ukulele, a trio of ladies sang backup with Caroline occasionally taking the lead. It was fun stuff. Not something I'd want to hear often, but definitely more than worth the cover.

We got a couple of sympathetic responses to degenerate GS's rant last episode, but I misplaced 'em (sorry!) Here's the one I didn't lose:
I certainly could relate to the car parking woes in the recent issue. I have lived in the same place in Home Park for 5 years. The street is extremely narrow and parking is only allowed on one side of the street. I too share a one car driveway with 5 people and my car doesn't really fit in the drive anyway. I recently got a ticket for parking facing the wrong way. Now when I come home I have to drive around the block to make sure I'm pointing the right direction. 2 days after my house was robbed my next door neighbor's house alarm went off and I called 911 three times and no cops ever came. When I saw my neighbor come home that evening I went out to tell him. Yep he got robbed too. I guess I should have called and said someone was parking illegally instead of a house being robbed. Your tax dollars not working yet again. Makes me really feel bad they didn't get their $2000 Christmas bonus.
degenerate LS

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