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Well, we, the citizens of the U.S., have successfully elected an idiot for president. It's poor timing - the "new economy" collapsed a while back and the effects of all those .coms falling from grace should affect the old economy right after the Consumass high. Personally, I think everyone was happy with their lives and wanted someone that would absolutely not change a thing so the good times wouldn't end. That, coupled with weak competition from the left side of the running put the least effective person at the helm. So Americans "sent a message" - and the message is don't call us, we'll call you. Problem is when we finally DO make that call I fear we've put an idiot in charge of the tech support for the nation and anyone who's ever called tech support and gotten an idiot knows what a sinking, frustrating feeling it can be to watch your machinery stumble and crash. Frankly, I'm pretty sure this is why George the First only served one term. The economy was going to hell in a handbasket after 12 years of trickle down, so the republicans knew they'd be in deep shit for decades if they were at the helm when things finally went deep into the crapper - look at the post-depression years, the birth of Big Government. So George the First and the Republicans dreamt up a scheme that couldn't possibly get them elected in modern America, while at the same time saving face in front of the right-minded folks - Family Values. What kind of moron thinks that will get them re-elected in a country that has abandoned the nuclear family? And George the First is no moron. Unfortunately for the Republicans, the economy DIDN'T fail. So despite fucking a few interns, Slick Willy managed to get elected, and almost get his lame V.P. elected afterward! Well, countless news organizations have touted that the loser in this battle may end up the winner. Due to a near-evenly divided congress, this president won't have much luck pushing any sweeping changes. And if the economy goes south we'll NEED some changes. Come 2004 the pendulum may swing back to the left. I just hope it goes so far left that Nader is a titanic mass on the political radar.

Last week we picked up The Penetrator's new CD at the big luau. It's exactly what you'd expect - 13 absolutely smokin' surf. My personal fave is Redlined, the speediest of the bunch with a very Dick Dale edge. Others are a little closer to the slow dance range, but it's all good stuff. If you like big guitar sounds definitely pick it up.

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