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I'd like to issue a mass thank you to all who wished us various Holiday well wishes. It's a busy time of year here at Degenerate Press so I apologize for the lack of personal response. But it's a big
Organizational week of the year leading up to New Year's so the office has been
Last weekend we headed up to the Cornelius Cabin to get the place ready for the New Year's festivities. I ran into several degenerates that I hadn't been able to reach and they all expressed joy at resurrecting our
traditional New Year's ceremony.
It'll be a party to transport you into the new millennium - audio experiments, visual madness, intoxicating liquids, and, of course, dangerous rocket experiments, barely-controlled fire, and massive explosions - hours and hours of high quality entertainment, all absolutely FREE. It WILL send your body and soul into another dimension, guaranteed or your money back!
This party has generated the strangest quotes of all our efforts:
"It seems like the perfect place to greet the coming Armageddon. (God, unlike small minded mortals, knows that the end of the millennium occurs at the end of this year). Actually, you'd think that the return would be 2,000 years after Jesus' DEATH rather than his birth. Actually, the only reason to expect armageddon, is the fact that the Degenerates are having a party. See ya there." degenerate JH

"The most irresponsible fun I've had since... ever." degenerate BC

"It's overwhelming."
degenerate SL

"Woke up this morning with a bootprint on my tee-shirt, and no hangover. I declare this New Year's Party a sucess."
degenerate SC

"I couldn't sleep for all the spamming going on."
degenerate SL

Bring fireworks, alcohol, and whatever other supplies you'll need to survive.
Leave the kids and cares at home.
By now it's too late for me to get you an invite via the U.S. Postal Service, so you'll have to get directions here:

For those who bother to sleep, or just don't want to drive home, there's plenty of warm, friendly crash space at the Cornelius Cabin and Party Ranch (bring your own sleeping bag or whatever you need.) And for those of you bold enough to brave the elements, there's plenty of camping space.
For those of you that would rather not rough it, or just don't want to see a mass of hungover degenerates in the morning, there are several comfortable hotels, motels, and even a bed and breakfast close by:
Lilly Creek Lodge B&B is just around the corner on Auraria Road. Rooms range from $150 - $175 and is recommended by those who stayed there during our Summertime Blast: (706) 864-6848.
Super 8 is a couple miles away, conveniently located on Highway 400. Doubles go for $48: (706) 216-6801.
Days Inn is a little further down 400, a double is $55: (706) 216-4410.
Comfort Inn is next door to the DI, a double is $58: (706) 216-1900.

SPECIAL - I'll have a few copies of Degeneration Excerpt Millennial Report to hand out at the party, first come first serve, FREE. Anyone that doesn't get one may have to fuckin' PAY. Perhaps the last Excerpt until a new Millennium, and we'll all be dead by then so you'd better come to the damn party and get it!

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