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If you're thinking of heading out tonight, head to Echo Lounge for an anti-death penalty rally with Bully, The Underkats, Athens Radical Cheerleaders, a folk art auction and guest speakers. It all kicks off at 9.
I picked up the latest Rock*A*Teens CD the other day, Sweet Bird Of Youth. It's more of the same from one of my favorite local bands - sweeping, angst-filled rock with a distorted, reverb edge that gives it a nightmare/rockabilly feel. They add some keyboard on this one but I'm not sure how well it works. I thought the best tune on the CD is It's Destiny, a duet with Shannon Wright that recalls their early days when Kelly Hogan's vocals backed up Chris' wailing lead. But all that aside, it's still a fine CD and I'd recommend getting it at yer local record store. You can probably order it off the label's site, or even off their own site at
There's a mention of the Degenerate Press editor in this interview by the Ditchdiggers online: (You have to scroll down through the 12-Steppers article to find it. Thanks to degenerate GN for finding it.)
The EARL has announced that they'll raise cover prices by $2 or 2 cans of food all month to benefit the food bank. Damn nice of 'em, I say. Http:// for more info.
And we got the skinny on the Rockabilly Rumble for next year:
The 6th Annual Dixie Rockabilly Rumble
At the Star Bar in Atlanta, GA.
Feb. 2-3 2001
Friday Feb. 2nd $10.00
10:30 Holy Smokes
11:30 Croonin' Kurt and the High Geared Combo
12:30 Rosie Flores Saturday
Feb. 3rd $12.00
10:00 King Kerosene
11:00 The Stillmen
12:00 Blacktop Rockets
1:00 Marti Brom
Doors at 8pm each night. DJ Spike spins all weekend Atlanta Road Kings car show on Sat. at 3pm Advance tickets on sale at the Star Bar 404-681-9018 Special two day tickets available

We got this report from degenerate GS:
I came home on Saturday from grocery shopping. I share a driveway with the house next door, so I had to park on the street. I park with 2 tires on the curb, because I'm afraid of getting side-swiped, a regular occurrence on my street. As I'm putting up my groceries, I hear a bunch of commotion outside. There is a police car and a tow truck, about to tow my car from in front of my house. After I convinced the guy not to, I asked the cops why the hell they were about to tow my car. They said my tag was expired (which it was, but only for a month) and that it's illegal to park on the street if your tag is expired. Ok #1, I have to share our 1-car driveway with 5 people and I have no garage, so I have to park on the street. #2 If it's illegal to drive it AND not drive it with an expired tag, do the police have a right to take your car away? Apparently so! They gave me a ticket for parking too close to the curb and a ticket for having an expired tag. There were 3 cops in the car. What I want to know is, in a city this big, I have a difficult time believing that there are not actual crimes that they could have been preventing instead of stealing my car from in front of my house. Apparently this is a new way to create revenue for the police. The same thing has happened to 2 friends of mine in the last month. What if I hadn't noticed them outside? I would have gone out and thought my car had been stolen. Then I would have made a police report, and they wouldn't have known anything about it, because I bet it wouldn't go into their system until monday. I'm writing a letter to the AJC and the Loaf, and I called a friend of mine who is a police detective to see why this is acceptable. I don't see how it falls under the protecting or serving or especially crime-fighting category. It more appropriately falls under the mobster category. So....just a heads up to those of you who have expired tags or park too close to the curb, or even park the wrong way on your own street: the cops have been trolling around with a tow truck and they will steal your car.

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