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What with the Stupid Bowl coming soon sports figures are in the news a lot lately. Rocker insulting anyone he can name. Tyson insulting anyone he missed. And the sportscasters constantly the intelligence of anyone bothering to watch.
But all the hoopla about Mr. Rocker has me worried. So he’s a dumbass, are we really even mildly surprised? Why does anyone care? He wouldn’t be a celebrity if we didn’t assign that role to him. He couldn’t influence or affect anyone who wasn’t paying attention. But apparently it’s been a slow week for the earth, news-wise anyhow. Nobody is starving, nobody died, we’ve eradicated war and all of our environmental problems have been cleared up, right?

Degenerate KG comments on last episode:
“Your anecdote reminds me of the time I went to Amsterdam, over 10 years ago. Wait, let me back up--I was in England, going to school for the summer, and every band playing in London, I swear, had JUST played the Cotton Club before I left Atlanta. So I am really annoyed, I go to Amsterdam and guess who's playing at the world famous Milky Way? The Georgia Satillites! Go figure. Isn't the Continental fun? That's where Catfight has played our two shows in NYC.”

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