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We have a few more folks signed up for the Ear Plugs web ring but we bunches. We want it to be the end-all beat-all guide to the music of the south. If you don’t like our review of our band PLEASE join the web ring so folks can find YOUR site and get YOUR opinion!
The more members we get on the ring the more traffic we ALL get!
In other music news we got this from the new management of Dottie’s music organizers:
Hello all, Just wanted to make public the latest from everyone's favorite gathering place on Memorial Drive in Atlanta.   On March 1st 2000, Dottie's Booking will be taken over by the Partnership of Shut Eye Records & PetriDish Entertainment. Travis Reeves and Pete Knapp will be booking for shows Wednesdays through Sundays.   Dottie's is also under new management. With new management there are always changes. In this case, they are all positive. The club is no longer called "Dottie's - Food and Spirits." It is now known as "Dottie's - Queen of the City" (cute, huh?) There are plans to give Dot's a facelift, a beefier p/a system and a few more tunes on the jukebox (relax, we're leaving Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits and the plethora of AC/DC discs).   Not to worry, friends! It'll still be the same friendly hub to local musicians that it has always been (you can't kill that Cabbagetown Redneck charm!), just a little bit safer and a whole lot cleaner. We'll still have DJs on Tuesdays. Dottie's Theme Nights/Battle of the Bands will still happen and we're planning on having some rematches. Corndog-a-rama and the Vulvapaloosa festivals will still go on. And for you regulars, free pool still happens on Mondays and Tuesdays.   March is a great month for Dottie's. We'll be celebrating Dottie's 13th anniversary around St Patty's Day. Dottie will be there in person to serve up a few drinks and a whole lot of laughs. (It's her birthday too, so get her somethin' nice.) We'll also be celebrating Dottie Gras on March 11th with some of your favorite local acts.   All bands interested in booking shows at Dottie's should e-mail us at The booking phone line will be in soon. Right now were trying to fill up March's schedule.   See you at Dottie's!   Yer pals, Pete & Travis    
Dottie's - Queen of the City
307 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, GA 30312 USA
Dottie's Booking is brought to you by the Partnership of PetriDish Entertainment and Shut Eye Records.   Contact Pete Knapp directly at
Contact Travis Reeves directly at

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