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It was a New Year’s Eve of big covers, and I don’t just mean $10 to get into the Clermont! Kelly Hogan kicked things off with a variety of fun cover tunes, then handed it over to Parlour just before midnight. Parlour did more covers appropriate to the moment, such as a killer version of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. The guant, toothless, and/or overweight strippers handed out little bottles of champagne to everyone just before Blondie counted down to the new century. After the yelling and screaming and exchanging of kisses the lights were still on, the water was still flowing, and the sky had not fallen.
"When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy."
Bible, from Proverbs
Parlour continued with more cool tunes, the strippers kept shaking, and the drinks kept coming. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Clermont was there with the exact same decor, and the exact same strippers, for Y3K.
We cut out a little early to cruise through downtown hunting for a good riot or two but none were to be found so we hit the sack comparitively early.
We continued welcoming the new century with a weekend of good food and good movies. Man on the Moon is damn good, ignore the critics and go see it. Toy Story 2 is ok, it has a couple of funny reference jokes and the expected animation effects but just didn’t impress me nearly as much as the first one. Unless you have kids don’t bother.
So welcome to the big 00. Hope everyone has already broken your lame-o resolutions and kept all the good ones. Hope you’ve resolved to get out and see some local music. And hope all the supplies you’ve stockpiled come in handy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the U.N. WILL take over, the Pope will reveal himself as the anti-christ, and the comet will make a near-miss turning everyone else into skin eating zombies.

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