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Has it occurred to anyone else that world-wide mass media has really taken the wonder out of life? There was a time when an explorer could boldly go places and see things nobody else he knew could claim to have seen. Now any (and every) idiot can turn on the tv and/or computer (soon to be the same thing) and flick a few buttons and almost the entire knowledge of the human race is available for the viewing. Tell someone you’re going to Spain and they’ll know exactly the place you’re going to see because they saw Rick Steves’ show last week. Tell someone some trivia about a tribe of natives in the Amazon rain forrest and they can confirm it on the net and argue about it with you. Yeah, the information is incomplete, innaccurate, and often difficult to find - for now. But having a unique experience on this overcrowded planet on which everything is recorded and broadcast is rapidly becomming next to impossible.

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