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Just got in from the Omni...
uh.. Phillips Arena. If you ever went to the Omni you probably will get it confused since it’s pretty much the same. The place is a little cleaner just ‘cause it’s new, but it’s not much improved. Better bathrooms and I hear the luxury boxes are impressive but if they’re as overpriced as the beers I’ll stick to the Star Bar and Dottie’s and my other favorite haunts, thank you.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, reports of various New Year’s nights are pouring in. Check out degenerate DM’s review of our night at the Clermont (she just doesn’t *get* the place), complete with photos, online at
And degenerate LS says:
Well the party at 662 11th Street was a real blast. The shows were
great and after midnight some spontaneous sex broke out on stage. At
$15 including drinks it was quite the entertainment value.
If that ain’t enough here’s a report from Miami from a roving reporter degenerate CM:
Six of my friends and I went to Miami for New Year's Eve, I am not sure how
we chose Miami, but I am glad we did.  We went to a party called the
ICEHOUSE.  It was a warehouse district that was spruced up just for this
occassion.  Over 4,000 tickets were sold, at a cost of $250.00 a piece and
VIP tickets were $500.00 a piece.  There were three different wearhouse
venues side by side that offered a different variety of atmospheres.  Room 1
was a lounge with approximately 50 couches and chairs draped in white cloth
with white cloth flowing from the ceilings to provide semi-private lounging
areas.  Room 2 was set up with an elaborate spin table and laser show.  Room
3 was also a room filled with music and lights.  There was an additional
wearhouse for VIP's only, sorry I didn't make it in there.  There were beer,
champange and liquor tables provided in every room as well as two bars in
the alley way and two large bars in the front in a grassy area where a dozen
hammocks were haging between the palm trees.  The weather was a perfect 80
The dress was elaborate.  There were alot of funky cowboy hats and jackets
with boa's worn by the men; and women sporting animal prints and sequins. 
At midnight there were fireworks and much celebrating.  Everyone was very
friendly and sharing the love.  We were in the grassy area at midnight
exchanging New Year's hugs and kisses, you could hear Happy New Year
chanted across the large open space. 
I don't think it was until 4:00 or 5:00 am that friends and I realized the
world didn't come to an end.  We were so caught up in celebrating the new
millennium we forgot about the predicted problems that could occur.
One my favorite observations about Miami as a first time visitor, was all
the natural beauty there.  Specifically the people.  It seems that every
body type is appreciated in Miami.  Me being from Dallas, a very health
conscious city, only the perfect let there bodies be exposed.  In Miami
everyone shows all of their bodies, and are proud of it.  I loved this
theory!  The other beauties I experienced were the cuban accents and the
variety of culture of people.

Anyone seen Bladerunner?
Read any Orwell?

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