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We tried to get into the Evlis b-day bash at the Star Bar around 10:25 only to find a long line and Charlie standing outside telling everyone it was sold out before the show had even started. I’ve been to that show several times and in sold out conditions it’s not much fun so we headed back to DuPree’s for a long night of pool and adult beverages instead. When I opened up Electric Degeneration today to get the latest episode together I kicked myself - we’d missed the big Hate Bombs, Vendettas, and Kenny Howes at Echo Lounge too! D’oh!!
More reports from New Years Eve keep popping up, this one from degenerate MB:
"Just got back from San Fran, the fog was not only rolling through those glorious hills, but it seems to have travelled into my brain somewhat....maybe because of the excessive partying and lack of sleep I encountered whilst there.
....wonderful time, spent new year's in Inverness, up in Tomales Bay region...approx. 1.5hours N of SF.  A contingency of german friends + collectively provided a 5-course scrumptous dinner in the home of my dear friends Tim and Micha.........dessert well, let's just say we danced till dawn  (and then some)  the wine was wonderful, cognac was ouch.................and the tequila, well..... arribe!
Being there was 3 expert record collectors/bootleggers extradoinaires, the dj'ing was dynomite and we danced, laughed, and cheered our ways into seems we each had our own delicous introduction into a new phase of our lives....I certainly enjoyed mine and look forward to future adventures such as this....take care, MB"
And no, I didn't edit that post and put in the dots, she did it herself.

Every couple of months I look at the publications I write for and wonder if I should jump ship to another media outlet (in addition to Degenerate Press, of course.) It was about that time again when I got this letter from a subscriber:
“I have a comment for Jeff Clark, who writes for Stomp and Stammer, if you print that sort of thing.
Hey Jeff, I know some old friends of yours who say you're a wuss who can't get laid, and that's why you're so bitter all the time. If that's true, I'm willing to take up a collection to get you a hooker if you'll lay off the bile sessions. Just because you got your ass kicked by a member of a band doesn't mean you have to ridicule every place that band plays. And while on that point, if more people had kick-ass receptions like Jim Stacy did, I'd go to more weddings. Since when is it cool to denounce creativity and being different? You must be one backed-up motherfucker.”
Degenerate TJ

So I picked up Jeff Clark’s rag Stomp and Stammer and read the editorial that degenerate TJ was blasting. As usual, I disagree with a lot Mr. Clark has to say, such as his offhand remarks against Jim Stacy’s wedding. But I think degenerate TJ has gone a little overboard with his complaint about Mr. Clark’s attack on the EARL. In several places JC notes that shows at the EARL were some of the best of the year and that it’s the best new club despite the sound problems. Jeff goes on, as usual, to say many things that get my goat boiling so I start thinking “Hey, maybe I should ask the guys at Stomp and Stammer if I can have some space in their rag to be an opposing voice to some of their crap.”
But then I read the latest David T. Lindsay response to a letter, “No one was ever told they could not join the Communist Party, but neither were we willing to allow liberals to furnish them with the means to spread their form of slavery. You’re sadly misinformed. Joe McCarthy was right, his methods were sound, and those accused of being Communists go twhat they deserved.”
And I think I agree with Keith Mercer, who is noted by Jeff Clark for tossing out a stack of Stomp and Stammer at the Mellow Mushroom.
I’ll stick to my current media outlets until something better comes along.

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