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The company your editor works for was bought last week. No, not Degenerate Press, the company that actually PAYS him, New Media Productions. The new company, Third Millennium Communications, seems a bit more stiff but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be much difference except in the number of employees. 3MC, as they liked to be called, has close to 200 folks including the recent acquisition. It’s the largest privately held web firm in the south, or something like that, yet they still need more folks so if you’re looking for a job in the biz contact us.
Since the old company had to technically fire us before the new company could hire us I played manic "Woohoo, I've been fired!" moron all weekend and blew my last paycheck at a strip club. Pink Pony had Ms. Petite Nude oxymoronically named "Kylie Curves" as the headliner doing an act targeted at the pedophiles in the crowd. Once the kid clothes were off it was actually a very impressive show and buy the time Degenerate Press staffers stumbled out at 3 AM we were almost ready to start the new job. Next week I get to meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Interesting details as they arrive.
Speaking of breaking news, you may have heard Charles Schultz and Tom Landry both died this weekend. A sad day for comical football!

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