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Friday I cruised over to the multi-faceted Nomenclature, part bar, part club, part gallery, all trendy. It’s in that neighborhood that attracts the black-clad socialites that frequent Vickery’s, Martini Club, Jaguar and other area bar/restaurant/clubs. Nomenclature is on the back side of that neck of the woods and parking is in high demand by patrons and car stereo thieves alike, judging from the amount of window glass decorating the gutters. Not part of Atlanta I frequent, and not due to a fear of window breakage.
R. Land had an opening for his funky paintings, but hardly anyone seemed to be looking at the works. As usually happens at an art show, everyone was sucking down drinks and chatting and facing anywhere but at the art. As pretty as some of the people were, the art was more than worth a look - it’s been a long time since I’ve bothered to go to one of these shows (we passed one earlier in the night down the street, sculptural jellyfish, oh boy!) but Ronnie’s stuff is damn cool. First time I’ve wanted to pay for art work in a long time!
The weather outside was delightful the rest of the weekend, didn't get to any shows due to the associated hormones and alergies already on the rise. Your normally scheduled Ear Plugs will resume ASAP.

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