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Sunday we hit Little 5 late for the Benjamin parade. We thought we’d missed it as there were only 4 or 5 people sitting on the curb but the 4 cop cars made us think twice so we asked. No, we hadn’t missed it but apparently everyone else HAD. We stepped inside Junkman’s Daughter for some casual shopping and overheard the cashier, “Man, last year there were TONS of people, they had floats, everything. This year it’s a few rag-tag folks who look like they don’t have anything better to do.” He hit the nail on the head.
Unfortunately it felt like my head was the nail with the hangover from the Rockabilly Rumble I was carrying around. I didn’t feel up to a near-lonley march to Cabbagetown so we headed home.
Later we were going to catch the Benjamin documentary at the EARL. Again we arrived a few minutes late, thinking we’d be missing something. This time instead of a small turnout, there was NO turnout, not even the movie showed up!
Frustrated, we headed home, too dejected to drag our sorry asses over to the Masquerade where we’d planned to hit the Hank Williams III and Rev. Horton Heat show. Turns out it wasn’t the advertised $5, but $10, and damn near sold out even at that. Reliable reports included the word “Shit hole”, “sardines”, and “when I got home I took a shower and the water came off me yellow from all the smoke.”
For once that day we weren’t sad we’d missed the show.
Speaking of Sundays, Cowboy has been doing Sunday nights at Dottie’s. I haven’t seen him play but you’ll probably recognize him.
Meanwhile, if you’re in a band we got some good cybertips for you. You can upload your music digitally to and they’ll press a CD, stick it in a jewel case with a cover and sell it to folks and you get half the proceeds, FREE.
Here's the FAQ on their DAM (digital audio music) CDs
I’d like to thank degenerate Beau of Blind Slim for sending that tidbit in.
And we’re still trying to badger you bands into adding your web page to our Ear Plugs webring. We’ve gotten enough already to be listed in the webring directory so members of the ring are starting to see some traffic. Another freebie! Check it out at

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