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Saturday we hit Northside Tavern to catch Mudcat, since next weekend we’ll be missing the big Frank Edwards’ birthday bash due to Fantasm. The joint was packed with Tech frat boys and the girls who love ‘em. We found a place to stand and caught the second set of the band’s mix of blues, groove, cajun, carribean and other sounds that got the crowd hoppin’, boppin’ and swingin’. Danny took his guitar onto the bar to serande the female singer while she clogged to the beat of the washboard player beating his spoons on the bar top. Just another fabulous show!
In other Mudcat news they’ve re-released their 1996 CD Worldwide Mud with a bonus track including Kelly Hogan, and have been in the studio putting together their next CD so hit your local purveyor of music and ask for Mud.
After Northside we hit a party in midtown featuring a DJ and a couple of rapping MC’s doing that racket that’s so popular with the kids these days. Some of the folks at the party affected the apathetic facade that is so popular with the kids these days so we struck up conversations with anyone that didn’t have the cold, dead stare and drank their beer until around 3 when we finally called it quits. It was an interesting event but will not influence in any way the music selections for the annual Summertime Blast, which is looking more likely at the moment. We’ll confirm in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned.

Our brief mention of Atlanta Sideshow’s print-version demise and reprint of an email exchange from ‘97 generated this little response:
This is a response to the trash you talked about Sideshow on your little
bulk e-mail:
In order to concentrate more on the screenwriting end of things, I decided
to take Sideshow online to free up some time. It takes a boat-load of time
to produce a magazine, sell ads and distribute it. After nearly three
years of publishing, I didn't want to just kill off Sideshow. Moving it
online made sense. Plain and simple, that was the reason.
After we advertised our change in what was to be our final print issue, I
received a great deal of disappointing responses from readers and
One of these people was local writer Steven Grainger. He decided to
purchase the license to continue to publish Sideshow in print. As of April
15th, 2000, Steven will be the new publisher/editor of Sideshow. He will
also be helming the online version. I'll be helping him out as much as I
Since day one, you've insisted we've imitated Degenerate Press. Again, all
similarities you cite are coincidental. Just because we have some
overlapping interests doesn't mean we're imitating you. On top of that, I
never saw a printed version of Degenerate Press. And I think I went to
your website maybe once after you talked smack at us back in '97 just to
see what you were all about.
If this sort of whining makes you feel better about yourself, have at it.
It looks to me like you might be trying to flatter yourself. All these
grand ideas that we're "following suit" and trying to copy what you've done
in the past are figments of your imagination. It seems like you're trying
to take something another group of people have done and associate yourself
with it in some twisted way to get a little attention. Or maybe just
talking down at us helps put yourself at ease. Either way, pretty sad,
Also, if you decide to print this letter in your bulk e-mail, please
include my whole letter this time or don't include it at all.
Jon Waterhouse
Whew! Touched a nerve there?
A) I'm glad the publication is going to continue in print. I said back in '97 I liked the thing and recommended it despite it's coincidental similarities to our efforts.
B) I didn't just want to kill off my print efforts either. Moving them online made sense. I find it funny that Degenerate Press seems to be a bit ahead of the curve, not just in content but in delivery method. Pointing that out is not "talking trash" about Sideshow. Nor is it whining. If anything it's bragging. And if this bragging makes you feel as if I've talked down at you then I don't feel like I'm the one whining or in sad shape.
C) I always try to print all of the contents of correspondence sent to us by subscribers whether we like it or not. I apologize if at some point I have edited your mail to your dislike and posted it in this ezine. No offense meant, nor do I try to take things out of context. Some folks, like me, just damn talk too much so I have to pull out the meat of the matter.

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