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Dottie’s has parted ways with their latest booking agents, our friends over at Shuteye Records. Rumor has it they’re the second set of agents banned from the premises despite an attempted friendly departure by Shuteye. Dottie’s has been on the decline ever since the rise of East Atlanta but it seems the management wants to insure the decline continues!
Meanwhile, in Austin the lovely ladies and lads of Ultrababyfat want you to vote for them in the Riffage Battle of the Bands:

If you're interested in the local environmental disasters looming on the horizon check out a story that actually made the national news about little o' Atlanta:
This is an interesting story, if you have a 9-5 cubical lifestyle in particular:
Lately I’ve been posting a few new things on our Blasphemy board as well:

One of the paper publications foolish enough to print your editor’s words, Atlanta Press, is going to run an article by him this week but due to the limits of print media there wasn’t nearly enough room for the work. However, the only limit I have online is your attention span and I’m sure I’ve already exceeded that with this paragraph so I figure I’ll go ahead and blow it out your ear with the full version as I wish it could have appeared in paper. Enjoy!
Fantasm - Geeks, Scream Queens, Porn Stars, and Cam Girls (one and the same)
Last year I headed up to Greenville SC for what I thought might be a fun little sci-fi/fantasy convention. I figured it wouldn’t be your typical Trekkie type gathering of geeks, knowing the staff that had organized the event. I’d met them at other out-of-the-ordinary conventions that focused more on the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll than on geeks, guests or gaming.
I was not to be dissappointed.
By the end of the weekend I was spanked on stage by an online porn star, hammered on the dance floor by the “con-conction contest”, and dazed in the head from two nights of no sleep and overstimulation. So when I heard they were moving the show to Atlanta I jumped on the chance to interview a few of the organizers and guest of the event. Since a lot of the focus of the con this year is toward online cam girls I conducted my interviews entirely by email to get in the spirit of things.
First off I got the full scoop from Bonnie Heath, one of the directors.
Frederick - “As I recall, nobody was running the type of con you wanted to attend so you started your own. Am I right?”
Bonnie - “That's pretty much it. We started out in Greenville, SC, a good central location with cheaper hotels than Atlanta, but we lost two hotels because to the conservative mind set in that area. We're happy to be in Atlanta. Atlanta has a great deal of talented writers, artists,publishers, etc to pull from, and lots of cool
con-goers, too. Our theme this year is ‘Stimulating
the mind as well as the libido.’ We want to give our
fans intelligent, fun entertainment.”
FN - “How many people attended last year?”
BH- “300”
FN - “How many do you expect this year?”
BH - “700, maybe more.”
FN - “Bigger, much less enjoyable conventions in Atlanta that focus on a similar market are making tons of money. Do you see Fantasm as ever being a real source of income for the staff?”
BH - “We'd like Fantasm to be able to pay for our trips to
other cons to promote it. This year, the directors are attending seven conventions. We're flying to some of them, and hotel rooms ad up. We'd love for Fantasm to help support our convention addiction. Also, next year, we're hoping to pay for more guests to fly in, and for their rooms. Fantasm is on such a shoe string budget this year, that we are literally asking guests from out of state to stay with friends instead of at the hotel. A lot of our guests are
coming because we've asked them to help us out.
FN - “ By the time it's finally started can you actually enjoy yourself or is it real work?”
BH - “It's a lot of work, but the real high comes from
watching everyone else have such a good time. It's like throwing a really successful party that last three days. None of the directors will sleep very much.
FN - “Speaking of, what is your ‘real’ job?”
BH - “I'm a web designer. Isn't everyone?”
With the power of said web I sent out interview questions to a couple of the featured guests as well.
Dawn Marie is an up-and-coming celebrity of her own making, having started her own cam site in September of 1998, she quickly developed a following of loyal fans. She receives guest and membership dues from her ever-growing fans and recently completed filming of her first big-screen role in “Hell Night.” All this despite (almost) never showing anything more intimate than her in a sweatshirt in front of her monitor.
FN - “How many people do you think are watching when you're on cam?”
DM - “I know I get about 2000-2500 hits a day, but I really don't know the number at one time - I only get mentions of people watching me when I do something stupid - then I get a general idea of who is laughing at me.”
FN - “Ever done anything you wish you hadn't done on cam?”
DM - “Nope - cuz I know my mom might be watching :)”
FN - “I know you've had some security issues in the past of both the virtual (image copyright) and non-virtual (stalking) issues. If someone else were interested in an on-cam lifestyle what would you recommend they do to stay as safe as possible on either front?”
DM - “I'd tell them to keep all personal info secret. Just because you think it's non-published doesn't mean that you can't be found - there is always a risk. When you register a domain name - very important that you register as private or else anyone can find you. As for the images - if you are worried about bandwidth - put your image in the java code and only let people you want to have your image have the URL.
I personally don't care if they have my images - it just means more attention for me :)”
You can catch Dawn’s day-to-day existance at At Fantasm she’ll be speaking on one of the cam girl panels.
“Cloei” is on the other end of the cam girl spectrum. Instead of her day-to-day life played out on the web she plays out her fantasies, sexual and otherwise, live on cam for the world (and paying memberszz0 to see. Lately she’s been taking other fledgling online porn girls under her wing on her new site, “smarter than your average porn star.”
FN - “How long have you been a cam girl?”
C - “My cam roots start when I had just turned 19 and went with a friend for a job interview. It was this innovative idea of giving a strip tease over the internet, and at that time about all I knew of the net was people were on it and I was not. So I went and they ended up liking both of us, and hiring us. After about 3 months of modeling for them the company moved me up to a systems manager overseeing the girls, scheduling, and other nifty stuff. It was there in my spare time that I started teaching myself web deisgn. After about 6 months I quit there and went on with my life. Then in June of 1998 I decided to jump back into it having NO IDEA of exactly how big it really was. I made myself a small web page and with the help of a few online friends I was set up with a video cam and capture card. And there it started I have been going strong since. I have also worked for a few larger ‘online entertainment’ companies, but have since decided that working for myself is what is best.
My first site ** was just myself, a webcam and a few other girlsfriends I would bring on every so often. I was still getting into web design so everything I learned I would just have to put on my site to see how it looked. Then after about 7 months I grew tired of the whole ‘full hardcore porn’ and wanted to do something more creative so I got ** with the idea of an online interactive livecam comic strip with an anime style to it. With all of the wigs I have aquired I thought it would be no problem. Only finding an artist is not as easy as I thought, so I have since put that project on the back burner and have moved onto other things. Right now I currently own 6 URLs of my own and also will be operating others with friends. Anything from to”
FN - “Have you ever done anything on cam you regretted?”
C - “Um, lemme think here - I once gave a friend a blowjob on cam that I really should not have, but oh well you only live once - I try to just go with the moment, but if I get uncomfortable then I won't do it.”
FN - “How many people, members and non-members, do you think are watching you while you're on cam?”
C - “I really wish I new ;) I have been meaning to check and I finally have put up a counter, but I can figure for every 1 or 2 that say hi at least 10 have to be actully watching, sort of makes you wonder...”
FN - “How do the other girls on your site benefit - do they get a percentage of your membership, their own members, banner ads, what?”
C - “I offer many options for girls who are looking into getting on cam, or expressing themselfs in pictures - but don't know exactly how to go about it. Girl will either just want to do a set of pictures, after we negioate a price *everyone is different on how far they want to go and such...* I take a series of pictures, and if I get a good feedback from the guys I ask the girl to come back for another set. Then if girls want to do a cam show, I also pay them for their time on cam.”
FN - “If someone was interested in living on cam the way you do how would you recommend they start?”
C - “Well first off you do need to have to approipate software such as a quickcam and a fairly high speed computer. Then set it up and get ready to go. With all of the cams out there these days viewship seems to be not at it's highest. And it also depends on what type of cam site you are going for.”
FN - “What's next for you?”
C - Other than taking over the world?? I actaually am currently working on my other sites building them up, as well as a small content offering site to generate more traffic. I would like to slowly get out of the limelight and focus more on design, and the business side of things, but right now I do enjoy the modeling and the fun I have being on cam. In about 6 months most all of my new sites will be fully up and going, and then I guess I will just go from there.”
Cloei will be doing a few live performances with her fellow cam girls, “as well as a few surprises” at Fantasm.
Fantasm is at the Crowne Plaza out on 285 March 17 - 19. Details at
What I didn’t include was a mention that your editor himself will be appearing on a panel about ezines and hyping a completely new effort by Degenerate Press but you gotta be there to find out what it is.
As if all that weren’t enough, The Reverend, famed organizer of the Jonestown party, the Jonestown After Dark party, and others, will be bringing the Swinging Pussycat Lounge shagelic 60’s party, sans-hippies, Saturday night until the wee-wee hours, or until he’s found passed out under a table (again.)
Be there AND be square!
In other Party Hardy news, it’s looking more and more likely that the annual Summertime Blast WILL be happening this year. We’ll confirm or deny that in the next month or so. If so, it would be July 2, Saturday. Don’t make plans.

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