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We’ve hardly gotten out of winter and already I’ve had a few demands for a July 4ish bash. So I’ll start with the usual - anyone know of a good location? For the newbies, we need a large outdoor area good for overnight camping and some place to set up a bunch of bands (therefore we’ll need a power supply.) If they follow the usual course there will be 4 bands or so, barbecue (we’ll have to cook all night the night before, literally), beer, jello and lots and lots of degenerates. In addition, there is a staff and friends shoot-out beforehand (an invite-only target practice.) And it’s probably gonna be free, if I can swing it, so if you know of a place where such a raucous event could be held please contact us!

Obits: Toco Hills has closed it’s doors. And the cheap theater on Buford is no longer cheap, it went first-run a while back. Now that you’re down and out, here’s something to swing you the other way from degenerate SW:
You would think at the century's close, theaters would be packed with movies trying to encapsulate the last 100 years into 2-hours of entertainment. What's actually at the cineplex are films encapsulating the American experience of the late 20th Century into 2-hours of entertainment. Note three recent titles: "American Beauty", "American Pie" and "American Movie". What do they have in common aside from the catchy moniker? Each of these three films represents a very real slice of American life as seen through cinema. "American Beauty" is a wonderfully acted, written and directed film satirizing everything from suburbia and it's conspicuous consumption to America's obsession with youth and beauty, to our hedonistic drives for financial success and popularity. I cannot say enough about this film that has not already been written. Go see it if you haven't already. End of discussion. "American Pie" is celluloid fluff about a handful of high-school dorks looking to bust their cherries. It's as crass as that sentence, but it does exemplify an important type of movie: the high-school dork looking to bust his/her cherry. This movie was hailed as a "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" or "Porky's" for the Gen Y and younger set but has no approximation to those cherry-bustin' classics. Skip it and rent "Detroit Rock City" instead. I would have written about it, but it doesn't fit into my nifty "American" theme. That brings us to "American Movie," a documentary about an independent filmmaker's quest for the American dream. Mark Borchardt is an all-too familiar, none-too exceptional, extra-ordinary guy who wants to make a movie and will stop at nothing short of a six pack to achieve his goal. His mantra of "stop drinking and dreaming, start doing and creating" should be the slogan for the 21st Century. If you'd like to laugh at the painful reality of genuine American life, go see this film. If none of these titles sound interesting to you or if you have seen them already, there is no cause for despare. In the months ahead, Hollywood will give us it’s take on other American aspects and pastimes. A few examples: serial killer assessments in “American Psycho”, religious offerings in “American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith”, and yet another documentary of film entitled “American Storytellers”. Looks like a banner year.

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