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Sorry for the lack of report on Sunday. We’ve had some interesting news at the Degenerate Press HQ we’ll let you in on next broadcast. Meanwhile, strap yourself in for a long, hard one!

If you thought the issue of a flag burning amendment died 4 years ago think again:
hmm... 4 years ago. Coincidence? Welcome to the election year.
In other news, the buyouts of Degenerate Press' non-DP life continue. As you may recall, a few months ago the company I work for (when I'm not working hard for my loyal subscribers) was bought out by Third Millennium Communications. The new boss is basically same as the old boss, but I'd picked the old boss 'cause it was a nice, small firm. Now I'm just another cog in the machine.
You may also recall a year ago I quit writing for Creative Loafing. I didn't like the direction of the paper - it was less and less about Loafing and more like a lame version of the AJC. It had gotten so big that getting noticed in the paper was next to impossible for a part-time writer like myself. And the new music editor is a real wanker. So I jumped ship for Atlanta Press. I'd liked the paper for a while, despite the foolish name change from "Poets, Artists & Madmen." But you can't escape the evil empire for long, I heard this week that the Loaf was eating Atlanta Press for dinner, much like the AJC ate the Gwinette paper the minute it was of any consequence. The takeover details have yet to be worked out but I have confirmation from multiple sources that the move is underway.
So if there's any publication out there that isn't a clone of the Cox Communications efforts, or run by Jeff Clark, worth picking up let me know.
Viva la resistance!
Meanwhile, degenerate LS has some things to say about last week’s report about the 2 AM bar curfew:
I totally agree with Peter Nap that if you can't enforce the laws you
have, passing more won't help. It is against the law to shoot someone no matter what time it is and I don't see changing closing time as helping in any way. Do they really think criminal elements are going to look at their watches and say" oh shit I was going to assault someone but its after 2 now I can't"? Give me a break! What they fail to realize is that many people do not work 9-5 Monday through Friday any more. People with service industry, retail jobs, etc. have irregular schedules and frequently are able to go out because places are still open when they are off work. I guess the city council doesn't care about them. People who are going to create problems will work it into their schedules no matter what time the bars close so this is really just an effort by city council members to appease the deep pockets of the Buckhead Coalition.

Friday we hit Cafe Diem for dessert and coffee and to get one last ogling session in before they close the joint.
In case you haven't heard, the landlord also owns the inn next door and made some unreasonable demands on the CafÈ, asking them to serve fine dining meals and room service for the Inn, as well as opening for breakfast. The CafÈ declined so the landlord raised the rent a few hundred percent to get them off the property. CafÈ management is opening another restaurant in Midtown Promenade and looking for another location for another CafÈ Diem.
Afterward we hit the Star Bar. Caroline and the Ramblers were already belting out their best swingy, Western, rockabilly mix. Caroline's super fine voice is backed by a familiar lineup that sounds like they've finally gotten time to rehearse - they were smooth and purty! Best show I've seen from them in a long while.
The mod crowd moved to the front for the Hate Bombs. They've swapped guitarists again but the new guy definitely has a feel for the material. The band did the usual explosion of 60's go-go as hot and hard as it gets. As always, the crowd responded in a hip-swinging, head-twisting, go-go frenzy. Manfred, of The Woggles, was surrounded with bouncing girls for his bachelor night festivities, then leapt onto the stage for a song or two before returning to the crowd.
Sunday we hit Blake's for the Oscar night festivities and thanked the Academy for not rewarding Star Wars with more than a mention. Drag queens slid through the room on their way to their performance in the room next door, boys danced with boys, and high-pitched, lisping voices cheered and booed as each announcement was made - much more fun than yer average yupster Buckhead Oscar party!

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