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A couple of years ago a new zine appeared in local trash heaps, Atlanta Sideshow. Many Degenerate Press staffers and friends said we should sue for copyright violations since their style, fonts, content and such mirrored many DP efforts established several years before. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I couldn't find anything specific enough to take to court so I let them play their little game.
Years went by and we at DP decided the print effort just wasn't worth while. It never reached a broad enough audience, took too long to produce, too expensive and environmentally unsound to print so we gave it up a while back.
Sideshow has followed suit, again. And again, I won't be filing suit. It just goes to show we're ahead of the curve, as I knew we were when we sent them email way on 5/7/97:
Yet another imitator of Degenerate Press has come to be. "The Atlanta Sideshow" is not bad, showcasing a variety of degenerate activities. But beware!! They have succumbed to the evil forces of ADVERTISING. That's right, they're just in it for the money. Capitalist swine. Besides that, their articles in the first issue focus on things Degenerate Press has pointed to YEARS ago. Catfight! - hmmm, sound familiar? Bet they didn't play in Atlanta Sideshow's living room. The film "Dudes"? Hey, we reviewed that in OUR premier broadcast of Degeneration Excerpt two years ago!!
Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Just to thumb our noses at 'em, we've added them to the Electric Degeneration mailing list! Welcome, guys!
We got this response from the folks at Atlanta Sideshow a couple of days later:
"As for us imitating your magazine, I don't think that happened. I'd never seen nor heard of Degenerate Press prior to the e-mail. If our publications were seperated at birth, I guess we're gonna have to chalk this one up as coincidence. Watch your back, we're coming to get you.
Best of luck with Degenerate Press. Publishing is a living hell, but can be quite enjoyable, and I sincerely wish you guys success. But remember what the bumper sticker says: Prayer Changes Things. So start praying, because we're about to eat you up like a Weight Watchers meeting at a Shoney's Breakfast Bar."

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