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If you think a Saturday broadcast of Electric Degeneration comes as a surprise, read on!
As of 3/31/2000 Degenerate Press has been given it's first "Cease and Desist" order, courtesy of Fulton County Courthouse! Apparently some of the disparaging remarks we've made about a band we cannot name were considered as "common law malice and libel" by Georgia law. I’ve been talking with a lawyer all day and one a little research:
"Criminal libel (written) and criminal slander (spoken) are beyond the protection of the First Amendment. Anyone can write defamatory items and get away with it as long as malice is not established."
According to our attorney, we cannot comment further on the case.
So until this is resolved in court we are not allowed to publish Electric Degeneration and we've already removed the band we cannot name from the Ear Plugs web site. In fact, we're considering removing the site entirely as a show of good faith for the court.
If you'd like to aid in our defense, send donations to:
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
We're using a lawyer that is part of the organization 'cause we like 'em. (They're taking our case because of our occasional comic-related, cutting-edge print works, and 'cause we talked 'em into it.)
You may, of course, contact us and we may speak to you on a one-to-one basis (as long as we avoid the topic of the band in question) but this is at least a temporary end to our stream of spam.
This broadcast was once brought to you by the letter X and:
Degenerate Press

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