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No, not really, nor am I gonna be a dental floss tycoon but you might want to note the new snail mail and phone info in this week’s broadcast. Due to this move this episode of Electric Degeneration is late, and a bit thin but you get what you pay for and this is free.

I'd like to thank the subscribers that showed up for our End of the World as we Knew It party, and curse those who failed to attend for whatever reason.
Sunday we hit Starlight Drive In for a dose of retro movie madness. We arrived early enough to socialize with the Star Bar regulars and Drive Invaders and other movie fans, then settled in with a beer and bratwurst. Spike was spinning up some fabulous rockabilly for the boisterous crowd, a lot of whom cruised up in some beautiful classic cars. First up was Forbidden Planet, a fabulous sci-fi movie from 1956 with effects that look better than even Lucas' latest.
During the intermission they showed a few old "visit the snack bar" ads while Spike blasted more retro tunes. Barbarella started up, then melted down a few seconds later getting boos and groans from everyone. A few minutes later the projectionist got it up again as Jane stripped and showed off a fantastic body. It's been years since I saw the unedited for TV version and I'd forgotten lots of details, but a school night and the threat of rain chased us away about halfway through.
Jim Stacy is working on the schedule for future Mondo Drive In events. Rumor had it the Mother's Day fest would include Psycho and Rosemarie's Baby, and Father's Day would be all Russ Myers. Live music is planned for future events as well so stay tuned to the Prophesy section.

If you're interested in some of the ghosts in your machine check out this obit:
And for a laugh read
in which someone actually says “Without a workable monkey policy, the gods are becoming pests."

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