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Yes, it finally happened. This is the first broadcast from the new, soon to be improved HQ of Degenerate Press. I’m surrounded by boxes and a couple of terrified cats but 99% (by volume) of my stuff is here.
However, 99% of my stuff by weight is still at the old HQ. That’s right, we have a bunch of metal sculpture yet to move ‘cause I’m hoping to move it into your house instead of mine!
A) I don’t have the space
B) I desparately need the money after the expense of the move and the party
So surf over to and check out a few things. Yeah, I did a crappy job on the site, I basically slapped it together on a coffee break at work, but at least there’s new stuff up. THIS IS YOUR LAST WEEK TO BUY. The stuff goes to relatives or onto ebay THIS weekend.

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