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I’d like to thank the few well-wishers who thought yesterday’s broadcast was real, and giggle along with those that knew it was an April Fools charade. It’s tradition here at Degenerate Press to cry wolf every year and though this year didn’t generate nearly as many “Oh no!” gasps as last, it was fun as always.
However, there are actual changes ahead for Degenerate Press - we’re moving!
No, not changing email addresses or URLs, we’re actually physically moving our headquarters. After a decade of degeneration in Midtown Atlanta, we’re packing up and headed West - to the other side of town.
In celebration of of the occasion we’re having a End Of The World As We Knew It party April 21, Good Friday, after which Degenerate Press will be reborn at it’s new location. So let us make your Friday a good one with adult beverages, music and mahem at our soon-to-be-former location in Midtown!

Friday we hit the Star Bar in time to catch about half of the first act’s set. Unfortunately I can’t find their name at the moment but it was something like “Mojo Jojo Monkey” or maybe just “Mojo Jojo.” A degenerate next to me said “I can’t tell if they’re trying to be bad, or just... bad.” I didn’t think they were the worst I’d seen by a long shot and enjoyed most of their set, save the occasional out of tune or out of time moment.
DQE followed and we’d been warned we would probably be better suited hiding downstairs but I wanted to give ‘em a fair chance. If you like your music odd, minimalist, and slightly out of tune and time and devoid of meaning this might be for you. We followed the advice instead and slid downstairs to check out degenerate MB’s swell new ride, a sweet late 60’s Buick in fine condition.
Back upstairs, Subsonics got on stage to the delight of their loyal fans. They did the usual fun set with the usual unusual antics and got the usual love-it-or-leave-it reaction from the crowd.

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