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OK, we've finally decided to take the plunge -
If the past Blasts are any indication, there will be beer, barbecue, bands, bangs and booms.
As usual, this will be at a secluded spot in the hills of North Georgia. This year's location has a few advantages over last year's site, including a better staging area for the bands, significantly less poison ivy for everyone, and a bit closer for us Atlantans.
If anyone wants to volunteer their time, effort, or funds for this event contact us. We're still paying off last year but it's worth it. Every year this party generates the best reviews and strangest tales so make sure to reserve the weekend for the event. Our fireworks show will thrill you much more than any bullshit they throw at the mall. None of our bands have ever covered "I'm Proud To Be An American." Our barbecue is better than anything you'll get... well... ANYwhere. And the crowd is the most degenerate lot of fools you'll find.
I'd like to thank degenerate DC in advance for the location. Some of you may recall the Degenerate Heart party we threw a few years back at his urban shack down in Cabbagetown. This party promises to be bigger and better, but with startlingly similar surroundings.
Yes, there may be the usual Degenerate Sportsman's Club meeting at high noon beforehand for card-carrying members, staff and assistants (you know who you are.)
July 1, Saturday, 2PMish
until sometime Sunday
In other outdoor recreational news, Saturday is the official opening ceremony at the Temple of the River God. Any Flippin' Idiots interested in joining us contact Fra Frederico Leapo immediately.

Check this out:,3266,44550,00.html
A fine example of your corporate dollars at work! This has spawned a diatribe by degenerate RVI on our Blasphemy board. If you haven't been in a while stop by, we've been busy:

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