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“Happy May Day comerade. Say, if it’s May Day why are we at work?” degenerate RVI
“‘Cause we like to EAT.” degenerate X
Speaking of the rise of the labor movement, last Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City
"We came out of there seeing really a failure of strategic, political and military leadership that got us in a situation we couldn't win," said retired U.S. Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey.
McCaffrey was a company commander in Vietnam who rose to the rank of four-star general, before retiring to lead the war on drugs.
Hmmm, does it not seem like he's gone from one situation he couldn't win into another hopeless strategic, political and military position?
What's that? You don't see the "War On Drugs" as a military position?? Then what the hell was Noriega? For that matter, what's the difference between one set of uniformed goons kicking in someone's door in a foreign land to stop the supply of drugs to the U.S. and another set of uniformed goons kicking in someone's door in our own land to stop the use of the same drugs?
Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Another weekend of moving and we're almost 100% in the new HQ! Once things get settled around here I'd like to get back to work on the various Degenerate Press efforts that have had to stall in the transition. For starters, we need more bands on the Ear Plugs web ring! If you're in a band in the southeast check out
Yes, at some point this summer there will be a housewarming party at the new HQ, we just don't know when yet.
Speaking of summer, due to a delay in the purchase of a potential location for the Summertime Blast party we're not yet 100% sure that party is a go at this time, but it is highly likely so stay tuned and keep Saturday, July 1, Canada Day, free.
And looking further ahead, we're 100% sure we're going to Spain, just not 100% sure when. September 1 - 10 is likely, if not longer. We're considering flying into Barcelona and out of Madrid, or if we stay longer going over to Lisbon, Portugal and flying out of there. If any of those destinations interest you and you're interested in joining some interesting degenerates abroad contact us. You can read our tale of Italy from last spring at for a vague idea of what we're like on the road.

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