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Friday I finally returned to my nefarious ways and hit the Echo Lounge for a fun filled night of music mayhem. Frantic Flattops kicked things off with the usual furious rockabilly. Good stuff but I’ve seen them do better shows. The Penetrators followed. I’d forgotten how badass these boys are but they reminded me. Superior surf! Johnny Knox Trio wrapped up the show. It was Johnny’s final night as a swingin’ bachelor but he was still swingin’ on that electric guitar. I was momentarily terrified when he kicked things off with two made-for-mainstream-radio poppy tunes ala Hooty and the Counting Crowfish. I gave them a third chance and was rewarded with their usual smokin’ electric blues. That kept me there until way too late but despite my droopy eyelids I still had a smile.
We got this from degenerate RVI in response to last episode:
Music Review Destination
The reviews were harsh,
I like them that way -
they encourage the coming
of Judgment Day
where there’ll be pin the tail on
the bebop saxophonist,
and vibraphones will substitute
for beepers and portable telephones;
we’ll all be in reach.
And the devil is the jazzmen’s
wife serving marshmallows
at the roasting of the sinners,
her every move accompanied
by bright, blistering horns.
I have a friend who has no use for jazz,
his solitary moral failing
it seems, but he’ll be made
a believer when the hot licks
lick his feet in the
bar and the syncopation
demands more than he understands -
for the Afterworld’s all off-beat.


If the feature for the weekly Drive Invasion doesn’t suit your fancy but you still want to see a movie under the stars head to Piedmont Park every Tuesday through July 4 for “Screen on the Green.” Lots of swell classics:
June 6 - Casablanca
June 13 - Singin’ In The Rain
June 20 - North By Northwest
June 27 - The Adventures of Robin Hood
July 4 - The Wizard of Oz
It’s free and you’re spared the embarassment of parking next to that sweet ‘61 Fury in your ‘82 Honda Civic!

I’d like to thank The Cashmen, our first confirmed act for the July 1 Summertime Blast. We’re awaiting confirmation or denial from a few other acts but if you’re in a band and willing to play for all the beer, barbecue and explosives you can stand contact us. Other fringe benefits to be detailed in private, though none of them include cold hard cash. Sorry, it’s a free country, and a free party.

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