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I never much liked the site. It never seemed to have any content and it’s ugly as hell, but now it can be yours - can be yours for the low, low price of a mere 3 grand!
Don’t all bid at once, save your money for that last-minute bidding war!
In more interesting online developments, check out Rolling Stone online for a piece on our local Daemon Records:

I’d like to thank The Cashmen, our first confirmed act for the July 1 Summertime Blast. Several other acts are due to confirm this week but we won’t mention any names until it’s etched in stone. If you’re in a band and willing to play for all the beer, barbecue and explosives you can stand contact us. Other fringe benefits to be detailed in private, though none of them include cold hard cash. Sorry, it’s a free country, and a free party.
Speaking of, we got this from degenerate RB:
You do realize that July 1 is the Saturday of Dragon Con?
Yeah, I’d MUCH rather pay $50 to wait in line after line to buy some stranger’s lousy book just so he’ll sign it and ignore me, then wander the hotel endlessly wishing the security would lighten up just long enough for a party to at least get started before shutting down anything remotely fun, only to end up in some tourist trap downtown bar with the 4 other people smart enough to wish they were somewhere else but too stupid not to get ripped off by this corporate make-a-buck-while-it’s-still-a-fad fest, rather than have an afternoon of free beer, free barbecue, free bands and a night of explosives and sundry sinful pleasures after the sun goes down.
Or, as another subscriber put it:
“Anyway, I'd much rather shoot my sixguns and (after the guns are put away) drink lotsa beer than hang out with all those wannabe scribes and clueless black-lipstick-wearing pasty faced CROW-watching dweebs and underachievers. Please quote me anonymously. I get enough trouble from those nose-pierced faux-waif geeks as it is.”

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