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With the long weekend we expected to finish unpacking, do a little work on the web pages, see a few shows, raise some hell, relax, etc. etc. But the reality is it's only an extra day and it was too nice out to stay inside slaving over cardboard and electronic boxes.
Saturday we headed south to the big Southern Mopar Nationals, a car show and drag race featuring nothing but Chryslers, Dodges and a few AMC's scattered around for fun. It was a fun afternoon but sadly lacking in land yachts to compare to the SS Degenerate Press.
Sunday we hit Bubbapalooza at the Star Bar. We couldn't afford to make all three nights so we opted for the night I usually end up missing. When we arrived Judge & Jury were onstage going some good rootsy country. When they found they had a little extra time they busted out a great cover of Cheap Trick's Surrender.
Tore Up did a too short set of the usual good rockabilly roots country with ample energy.
Ex-Husbands followed, heading to their arena-rock cover immediately with Judas Priest's Breakin' The Law. They followed that with a super set of country-fried rawk, damn fine stuff.
Drive By Truckers kept the energy up with a set of familiar Truckers tunes, followed by a short set of new stuff with mentions of just about every 70's arena act there was and a couple of covers thrown in to boot! We were beat and broke so we headed out the door before Redneck Greece started up.
Monday we hit Stuart's swell party for some homebrew, hot burgers and more redneck underground music. Sowbelly Trio, a four piece, kicked things off. Familiar faces and familiar rockabilly tunes for Star Bar regulars. Slim Chance followed with a country slant on more of the same. Stuart and the rest of Tore Up were getting their gear set up as we dragged our tired bodies home.

I’d like to thank The X-Impossibles, The Cashmen, and Esteban Anastasio for confirming their appearance for this year’s Summertime Blast, July 1, Saturday. More bands are checking schedules, jumping bail, and begging their significant others to allow them to play so stay tuned.
Speaking of, we got this from degenerate CP:
>I am a student at GA State who found your web site looking for grave yard DJ info on the WRAS's home page. I have been receiving your newsletter via email for quite a few months now and I must tell you that I look forward to it every week to help plan my eventful outings and see what bluntly intelligent things are going to be said next. Your Web site is also fun, informative and really real; I find yall very refreshing.
I would love to meet and play with all of you at your July 1st bash. Are you planning to email directions when you get the band schedule set in stone or do I need to request them? If I need to request them, please consider this letter as a sincere compliment and a party request for my best girlfriend and I.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response via email or phone.
Keep up the great work!

Wow. Flattery will get you everywhere!
Yes, we plan on sending out detailed directions via email and the US postal service. In about a week we’ll ask for everyone’s snail mail address and ship out some nifty invites complete with cool art work, directions, a map, a check list and disclaimer.

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