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Echo Lounge is hosting The Village Vidiot Cult Film Nights this weekend. It sounds nifty, and it’s FREE. 8pm Doors, popcorn and Candy! Cartoons, Newsreels and Shorts!
“We're going to bring in all the couches and cozy chairs, turn the lights down low and start popping that popcorn.”
Kiss Meets The Phantom of The Park
Beyond The Valley of The Dolls (if you liked Austin Powers you really should see this, one of the inspirations behind the Myers hits.)
Ricky Oh: The Story of Ricky
Inframan (one of my faves as a kid, I saw this at the 85 Drive In the first time - kung fu alien sci fi madness from Japan.)
The Blood Waters of Doctor Z
In other movie news, the Starlight Drive In is having a slew of new events. In addition to the Tuesday night Drive Invasion gang, one Sunday a month is going to be Mondo Drive In nights. Mother’s Day it’s Psycho and Rosemary’s Baby, Father’s Day it’s a couple of Russ Myers flicks. There’s also some kinda neohippy groove fest there sometime soon but I don’t remember when. Check out their site, for more.

Yet again we’re broadcasting a thin episode due to the continuing moving and infrastructural adjustments to the new DP HQ. Meanwhile, at my day job, the compay I work for has been bought out, again! I’ve gone from a small office in Buckhead with 25 employees to a big office in Decatur with 200 employees now merging with a company totalling 500 employees with three offices across the U.S., all inside three months. No, it hasn’t change my day-to-day existance one bit, I’m still a faceless slave in the galley earning the same wage I was at the beginning, but it makes for exciting (read “nervous”) business meetings with lots of exciting (read “bullshit”) pep-talks from the management, who are all smiling ear to ear, not just to reassure the troops but also due to their large stock options and promotions. We’ve gone from a time when fuedal lords fought over eachother’s fields and the winner getting to reap the rewards from the peasants on the land they’ve taken over to... well, feudal lords fighting over eachother’s market share and getting to reap the rewards from the peasants in the organization they’ve taken over.
Happy fuckin’ May Day indeed.

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