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Degenerate Press’ new land yacht moved today for the first time ever for us and the first time in 8 months for the poor beast itself. Check out some pictures online:
It’s a 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown, 2 door hardtop, 413 CID, pushbutton automatic.
It didn’t move FAR, but it did move. It’s headed to the shop sometime this week so stay tuned for details. Yes, we now have two mopars in the shop, and one rice burner on the road.
Speaking of cars...

Tuesday we hit the drive in for Gone In 60 Seconds. “Bored for 60 minutes” should be the title. You’d think a movie about car chases would HAVE car chases in it, but as far as I can recall there was ONE, and not a very interesting ONE! Poorly shot, terribly written, unevenly acted - I expected all those, but boring? Do not bother, even if you’re a car and/or action fan. There’s not enough of either! You catch glimpses of some fine cars, but only for milliseconds. And I think there was more time devoted to the foot chase finale than the car chase you wait for through the first hour of dull dull dull movie.

Things are humming along for the our annual Blast. If you're as tired of hearing about it as I am of working my butt off to get it together, skip this section. If you're one of those people that needs to know in advance where the place is check out the online version of the invite:
This Saturday another round of manual labor is taking place at the Cornelius Cabin and Party Barn, the location for this year's Blast. If you're interested in lending a helping hand contact us.
Meanwhile, behind the scenes Toy's drummer opted for a vacation in Miami instead of up in them thar hills. If you're interested in being the rhythm for Toy's performance at the party please email Alice at ASAP. Or, as she put it, “groove-oriented alterna-pop band looking for a drummer to fill-in for a few shows.”
And we're tired of waiting for the various bands that are "checking schedules" and such to confirm so if you're in a band and interested in playing our party contact us ASAP. All the beer, barbecue and explosives you can stand and other fringe benefits.
As for everyone else, GET US YOUR SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS and we’ll get you an invite!

We got this response to last episode’s noting of the demise of the old Cafe Diem location:
speaking of places closing, you may have heard by now that the Stein Club / French Quarter closed as of sat night. supposedly Stein will relocate. people were 3 deep at the bar trying (mostly in vain) to get one last beer. fireworks being shot off the roof, the crowd was wall to wall and overflowed onto the sidewalk... the sign in the window said it all. "Atlanta, the city too busy for character."
degenerate SG
We heard about the party about the time we were too demotivated to get over there ourselves, but the place hasn’t had the character that made it famous in years. I’m sad to see it go, as it indicates the shift in the demographics of my old neighborhood as more and more Post apartment/condo clones fill every square inch of the place. Nothing you can do to stop the masses once they latch on to something, except weather the storm, wait for it to change course, and hope your favorite hovel is still standing in the aftermath.
In better news, X-Impossibles, Catfight!, and Drive By Truckers are all releasing new Cds. Check out their sites and/or hit the stores soon!

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