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Friday we hit the Star Bar for the CMJ Conference. The Star Bar regulars
avoid the place during anything labled "Fest" or "conference" except
Bubbapalooza, even when the music is the same stuff there any other night
of the week. The conference crowd was more passive than the norm but
seemed to enjoy King Lear Jet and Japancakes. Unfortunatley we missed
Jennyanykind, the act I'd gone to see, and couldn't make it all the way
through to Star Room Boys but it was worth the cover anyway.

Sunday we hit Starlight Drive In for the monthly Mondo Movie. Big Tobacco
has come up with a clever marketing scam - since their product is being
excluded from so many places they're turning the tables and excluding
NON-smokers from tobacco-sponsored events. The stars of Russ Myers' films
Tura Satana and Haji were signing free 8x10's and you got a free pass to
the next Camel event, IF you could show a pack of cigarettes and were
willing to give them your address so they could try to convince you to
smoke more, or switch to their brand. Clever, but it kind of infuriated me
on this particular weekend when heated debates about smoking had erupted
between I and relapsing addict.
We borrowed smokes from a neighborhing addict and waited through the line
to get our signed pictures and a couple of candid polaroids.
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Kill was as glorious as ever. Oddly enough, I've
only seen it on the big screen, once during Russ Myers' visit to Atlanta
and last night for the stars' visit. Tension and tit-filled action in
glorious black and white, it's a must-see for b-movie or big-breast
Speaking of movies, GSU has some fine cinema this summer. Pick up their
schedule at random locations around town, or call them at 404 651-CINE. Of
particular noteworthiness is Hong Kong action week June 30 - July 6, and a
John Waters fest in August.

In moving all the old files over to a new machine here at the office we
lost the confirmation email of one of the bands so here's my public apology
for that and the joyous announcement of Liar's Club to the bill for the
Invites are being stuffed into envelopes at this very instant. Even if
you've gotten us your snail address before make sure to send it again so
you'll get these fine works of art with handy maps and directions and such
on the back.

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