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Tuesday we hit the Drive In for Shaft, more a sequel of sorts than a
remake. It can't have the cultural impact the original had, we're not
living in the same times, but it has ample action for lovers of the genre.
The lack of cutting edge fashion and sexual content were mentioned by Time
online and I had to agree - this Shaft is not a sex machine to all the
chicks, but he's still one bad mother...

We picked up the new Catfight! CD from the lovely ladies of loudness and it
kicks major ass. It's a little more serious than there first effort but no
less fun and definitely no less RAWK. And no, I'm not kissing up just
because they mentioned me in the liner notes, we just call 'em like we
hears 'em.

My oh my things are just humming along like a well-oiled locomotive headed
for a broken bridge. The immanent explosions of fire and sound will rock
the North Georgia hills! The bands are confirmed, the beer has been
ordered, the pig has been reserved, everything is coming together more
smoothly than expected. All I need is for YOU to show up. Yes, you, the
slacker sitting there thinking you might do something else that weekend,
something LAME... Don't force me to come over there with a slide show and
make you regret missing this thing.
You should be receiving your invite in the mail at this very moment. If not
contact us immediately and get us your address! Otherwise you'll have to
rely on the online version:
With the paper invite I tried to include at least one Degenerate Press
sticker. If you didn't get one come to the party and bitch. In addition,
there will be the first ever Degenerate Press comic book for sale at the
party. Bring $2 - all proceeds go to benefit degenerate RVI, who will be
filing for bankruptcy this summer. The comic itself is utterly hilarious
and it's a fine cause so bring a couple bucks.
Meanwhile, behind the scenes Toy's drummer opted for a vacation in Miami
instead of up in them thar hills. If you're interested in being the rhythm
for Toy's performance at the party please email Alice at
ASAP. Or, as she put it, "groove-oriented alterna-pop band looking for a
drummer to fill-in for a few shows."

The long-dreaded return of BLASPHEMY
If there's a better example of ignorant white trash someone please tell me:
Meanwhile, here's a tale I meant to tell a few episodes ago but it got
lost in the shuffle over to the new machine. Enjoy:
I've been to more conventions and conferences at the downtown Hyatt than I
can remember, so when work offered to pay my way into the HOW Design
Conference I thought "Ah shit, hang out with 50,000 computer geeks at that
boring hotel listening to boring speakers tell me less than I already know
about how to build boring web pages for boring people?" But then the
slacker in me woke up and said "Dumbass, it's a chance to get out of work!"
So I found myself sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt in a chair I've sat in
countless times doing the same thing I've done every time - ogling women.
The type of con I usually attend at the Hyatt attracts a crowd with a
male:female ratio of about 400:1 and I didn't think a computer-focused
conference would be much better but I was pleasantly surprised. The ratio
was about dead even and most of the ladies were cute, smiling, and almost
as scantily clad as any sci-fi con I've attended. But instead of Klingon
armor or obscure anime costumes it was strictly business mini-skirts.
Graphics and design is one of the few flavors of computer fields not
dominated by anti-social, overweight male trekkies who, were it not for the
internet, would be working at the quickie mart and living out their days in
their parents' basement playing Dungeons and Dragons. But thanks to the
wonders of technology, the former bottom rung of both the social and
economic ladders are suddenly in high demand, at least in the boardroom if
not the bedroom. It's an interesting phenomenon that I'm sure is the
delight of strippers and prostitutes worldwide.
Like most males in the labor side of the business, I grew up playing D&D in
basements yearning for some physical distraction from the opposite sex to
satisfy my over active imagination. But unlike many of the technogeeks at
the HOW conference I eventually found moderate success in the social arts.
Watching the motley mix at the Hyatt, I couldn't help but recall my
pre-teen years when my family moved to Dahlonega, then a tiny mountain town
in the backwaters of Georgia. I was from a poor enough white trash
background to fit in with the old guard of locals, but smart enough to fit
in with the new, comparatively cosmopolitan imports. For me, it's like that
all over again in the computer and sci-fi convention crowds - I'm geeky
enough to talk about the latest browser and/or Romulan-Starfleet battles,
but bold enough to have a LIFE away from a flickering plastic box.
A small one, anyway...
Back at the ranch we got a response from degenerate MB on the rant about
big tobacco:
Hey you, I can understand being frustrated with being "excluded" because
you are a non-smoker, however, this event would have never even taken place
without the marketing dollars from Camel and because of all the tight
regulations for "marketing research involving the sale of tobacco
products", they are mandated to go through all the hoops. This is just
reality. You had choices: Join the fun "under the tent" sponsored by the
Camel folks and deal with these "hoops", park and watch the movie with your
friends or not deal with it at all and rent the movies and watch 'em at
home....It's not really about "excluding" non-smokers....I really don't
think Camel is out to exclude anyone that isn't a smoker, it's just the
regulatory blah blah they have to go through to market their
products...........................besides, if it infuriated you so much,
why did you go through all the hoops you did to get into the tent? You
could have just joined your smoking friends and watched the movie? Don't
you think it's a bit hypocritical to be angry about this because of the
industry politics, then sneak around the politics and then write about it?
Don't get me wrong, I don't really hold anything personally against
you...your my bud, but I think your excerpt was a bit
harsh..............................of course, I'm all about freedom of
speech, so say what you must, I just think it's out of line and I have the
write to say that as well. (hee hee)
Nonetheless, have a good one and I can't wait for the DP Party!!!!

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