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We were stuck inside playing nurse this weekend to a sickly significant
other so we missed all the swell shows out on the town. (Anyone else see
anything? Send us a report!)
However, it did give us a much-needed weekend to work on the web page.
Check out the big update:
No, I'm not 100% happy with it but I think it's better than it was. Now
that things are a little more organized it'll be easier to update so maybe
it'll get done more often!
We also got started on the invites for the Summertime Blast. Look for those
in your mailbox later this month!
Oh, and I found a site with some pictures from the Mopar show we attended
last weekend:
Make sure to check out the '71 Newport picture, an exact twin of the SS
Degenerate Press!

Next weekend, June 10/11, we may do some preparatory clean-up work on the
location for this year's Blast. If you'd like to help, have a strong back
and calloused hands (or work gloves) contact us.

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