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Tuesday we packed up some beverages and a blanket and headed to Piedmont
Park to catch Casablanca. After a burrito at Tortilla's we headed toward
the park. When we hit Highland we wondered what all the parked cars on the
side of the road were about but didn't believe it could possibly be for the
movie. When we hit my old neighborhood we realized just how bad it was -
hordes of people hauling coolers and lawn chairs toward the park from miles
around in a hurry to get a decent spot. We drove for a few blocks, farther
and farther from the park, looking for a parking space but when we hit the
4th block away we decided it just wasn't worth it. By that time it was too
late to make the drive in too. Instead we grabbed a DVD and went home to
play with the new toy. I got a gift certificate from work and instead of
getting something I actually needed I took the found money and blew it on
more television than I need. Sure, the quality is a little better and you
can get a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff on many titles, but it's not
really that much better than VHS. More titles are letterboxed on the DVD
format, however, and the sound quality is significantly better. We picked
up The Insider, more an expose of corporate news organizations than the
tobacco industry. At the end of it I initially felt empty - the film
doesn't do enough to show the impact stories like theirs had on the tobacco
industry, nor does it talk about the impact the incidents had on the staff
at CBS beyond the lead character. You'd think with more than 2 1/2 hours
they'd have had time to fit that in somewhere. But I will say Russell Crowe
did a fine job, particularly when compared to his role in Gladiator. The
man can act.
Speaking of movies, check out this week's Loaf for an article about the
upcoming Father's Day fest at Starlight Drive In.
Back at the ranch, we're working on the invites for the Summertime Blast.
Our dinosaur machine at Degenerate Press HQ is slow but steady so the work
of art that is a DP party invite should be ready by the end of the weekend!
It will include a map, directions, check list, disclaimer, contact info,
etc. etc. etc. The sound equipment has been reserved. The cook for the pig
has been confirmed. So far four bands have confirmed - Esteban Anastasio,
Toy, The Cashmen, and X-Impossibles. We're working on getting two more (one
usually flakes at the last minute.)
If you're one of those folks that likes to plan ahead here's what you need
to assemble in advance: explosives, sunscreen, bug repellant, camping gear,
whatever consumables you want to go with your beer and pork, hordes of
friends. And if you're one of those folks with kids you'll need to arrange
a babysitter 'cause there's NO kids allowed at this party. Sorry, it's an
adults-only occasion and we don't want to have to worry about what your
child ate/drank/saw/heard/did or who
looked at/talked to/molested/shot/confused your child. This IS an adult
occasion and I want the adults to be able to cut completely loose! Not to
mention it lessens our legal liability...
Pets are allowed but we're not responsible if they're never seen again and,
mysteriously, there's more barbecue than we remember putting in the pit the
night before...

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