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Lord help the bands that performed at the Somber Reptile on Thursday night
should I ever find out their names. I went to see a band staring a friend
from work (I can't remember their name either and never actually got to see
them as they ended up last on the bill.) The first band was just moderately
bad - not painful, but forgettable. The second act was phenomenally bad,
complete with vinyl pants and posing and preaching between tunes about "the
hypocracy of monogamy" and other such cheery topics. The singer couldn't
stay in tune, though he stayed in perfect cornball character the entire
time. I just couldn't make it through their set to see my friend's act.
Besides, I had to work the next morning and it didn't look like they would
go on until long after midnight so I beat a retreat and left my other
coworkers standing aghast at the act on stage. Stunningly bad.
Friday I walked past the new Cafe Diem location where they were celebrating
Bastille Day, complete with random French expatriots sucking down wine like
Americans suck down Miller Lite on July 4 and dancing on tables and waving
red, white and blue flags. I didn't linger long, sneaking upstairs for a
few rounds of pool and Dupree's instead.
Saturday we hit Northside Tavern for the return of Slim Fatz. Goddamn that
man can play and his show just keeps getting better. Sure, he looks like a
homeless guy you'd have to chase out from under your porch but who better
suited to play the blues? Some glammed-up bullshit teen idol? I think not.
The percussionist, looking like a man recently escaped from the loony bin
in every way, beat on his bone-adorned chicken coop with an antler, his
boot, or anything he could get his hands on while the bass player kept the
beat as if it was just another night at the local jazz club. A fantastic
show. Slim's first CD has been reissued by and he's
working on another one right now.
At the time of this broadcast I'm hungover and trying to ressurect myself
to get to the Mondo Movie Night at Starlight Drive In. Details next episode.
We got this report from degenerate RH:
I have been getting the Degenerate newsletter for some time now. I
thoroughly enjoy all the commentary and reviews, and especially the lowdown
on what's going on around here in what I consider "real" music.
But this is the first time I've written in with some comments. First and
foremost, I just want to promote in a huge way a CD I've been wanting for
some time and finally got last week: "Return of the Grievous Angel: A
Tribute to Gram Parsons"
I absolutely have not been able to turn this thing off. Especially in my
head. A number of great musicians have contributed to this piece, including
Elvis Costello, David Crosby, Cowboy Junkies, Whiskeytown, The Pretenders;
The list goes on... The entire thing was put together by Emmylou Harris, who
also performs duets on a number of tracks. I don't know how many
Degenerates are much into country-rock, (I wasn't really until just
recently) but I must recommend this CD to anyone. I have seen another GP
tribute on the racks at Tower, but I'm not sure it can live up to what this
one has done.
I'd like to thank the folks at "Cowtipper's Delight" on WRAS 88.5 for making
me aware of this work. And if anyone hears anything of the band The Rolling
Creekdippers (who did "In My Hour of Darkness" for this CD) performing
anywhere near Atlanta, I MUST know about it!
Also, keep an eye out on MTV2 (I know, I know....) for Nashville Pussy's
brief intersitial spots. It's intercut with some great footage of their
live show. ...

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