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Sunday we arrived at the drive in early enough to get a great spot on the
front row. We watched Dolemite himself, Rudy Ray Moore, pull up in a white
Cadillac (of course) with his son. After wading through the required
cigarette marketing I got a plate of fabulous food (meatloaf, blackeyed
peas, collards, and watermelon) and settled in for the feature. With no
previews or cartoons, we were dumped right into the action as Dolemite was
release from prison on a trumped-up possession and stolen goods charge. The
acting was terrible, the cinematography was confusing, the fight scenes
were poor and the dialogue was so bad it got laughs all around - everyone
was smiling beginning to end. We slipped away to get Dolemite's autograph,
then caught the end of the movie just in time - as the credits rolled the
local power station blew and the whole place went dark. We sat for a while
hoping to catch some of the foxy Pam Grier in Foxy Brown but eventually we
gave up and headed out, driving a few blocks in darkness. Rumor has it a
while later the power was back and the movies played on.
Tuesday we return for X-Men. I went expecting the worst, despite having
heard the best from most critics. The action scenes were a bit on the
stupid side but otherwise not a bad effort, particularly for a Marvel comic

We got this response to last episode from degenerate WW:
RH- I've also been addicted to this tribute to Gram Parsons for a few
months. Up here in Seattle, we call it ALTERNATIVE country music, not to be
mistaken for Country music, which I hate as much as rap. Also check out Son
Volt, The Jayhawks and someone I just discovered -- Peter Bruntnell (his
new CD is called "Normal for Bridgewater").

These folks put the "fun" in funeral":
Speaking of death, ever wonder what some of those folks what George W. Bush
had put to death wanted for their last meal?

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