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The morning after there was a pile of destroyed home entertainment
equipment, a giant scorched spot strewn with firework remnants, a
still-smoldering pile of ash that was once a bonfire, countless people
scattered about on the ground, the porch, in tents, a smattering of music
equipment still turned on, the remnants of a pig more bone and skin than
anything else, and more hangovers than I care to mention.
Thanks to all those who contributed their labor, time, artistic talents,
finances, and general support.
Big, big, big thanks to Esteban Anastasio, Alice of Toy, The Cashmen,
Liar's Club, and the Inicators. Excellent stuff by all, and an amazingly
ecclectic range as a total. The smiles on the crowd said it all.
Titanic thanks to David Cornelius. We spent three weeks getting the place
cleaned up and ready for the party, only to return it to the exact same
trashed state the morning after. And thanks to those who helped clean up
the mess during and after as well.
And thanks to degenerate SW for helping assemble the Degenerate Press Fun
Packs enjoyed by all who got 'em.
No matter how hard I work at organizing this thing I really am only the
manager on the team - it's only a success because we all work and play well
together! Of course, it's more play than work...

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