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Friday night some of the old guard degenerates gathered for degenerate SC's
bachelor party. There are few holdouts in my circle of old friends and we'd
all predicted SC would be one of the last. But 37 years of single life is
drawing to a close next weekend when SC will become the first degenerate
GRANDPARENT, or step-grandparent at least. Sad to think we're getting old
enough for such a feat.
We started off at Cowtippers. Unfortunately with the threatening storm
clouds overhead, everyone was crowded inside so the wait was considerable.
But eventually we got a small table and stuffed ourselves with some of the
finest steak I've head in a long, long time. Excellent slabs of beef,
served up with some wonderful genuine margaritas.
Full of cow, we herded into the wagon degenerate DC had rented for the
occasion and stampeded into the Clermont Lounge. It's a tradition in our
circle to go get a black eye from Blondie's battering breasts before
bringing bachelorhood to a close. The place was nearly empty but they mixed
us some stiff drinks and we settled in to chat with Blondie. According to
her, the vice squad has visited a few times lately and she can't do the
same fun act she used to do. "We've got three more points left. We screw up
and the shut the place down." We were less than happy to hear the APD felt
it more important to keep Blondie's tits out of people's faces than to keep
burglars, rapists and murderers out of our homes. But we got a table dance
and a quick smack or two for SC from her mighty chest. She crushed a few
cans and got cheers from everyone but the highlight of the visit was when
she brought her niece over to crush a can between her buttocks. She tossed
it on the table and degenerate CC picked it up and said "Wow, it's still
All smiles and giggles, we herded into the wagon and headed over to
Tattletales. The ladies at Tattletales aren't the stunning beauties they've
had in the past, but they more than make up for that in looks, and with a
lack of fake breasts. I don't know if it's just the ladies they have or if
there's been a (wonderful) backlash against big plastic breasts, but I only
spotted two or three pairs. Usually the ratio is exactly the opposite.
Anyone else noticed this at their favorite nudie bar? Just curious.
We got the traditional treatment for the bachelor, a crowd of girls pulling
of SC's shirt and ripping his underwear right out of his pants, but nothing
as spectacular as the treatment we'd gotten degenerate SL over at the
Palimino some month ago.
Meanwhile, the better half had gathered a gaggle of girls for degenerate
MR's bachelorette party. They went to the Coronet Club where, despite the
Buckhead location and absurd cost of the joint, they reportedly had a
blast. The wrapped up the night at Backstreets for the drag show and
dancing. When we picked them up around 2 AM they were all liquored-up
Saturday was hardly as much fun. We promised various folks that we'd make
it to Love Camp this time around but the abuse we'd done to ourselves the
night before kept us close to the couch, and toilet, at home.

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