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Last week I hit Drag On con on Thursday and forgot to mention it last
episode in the haze of hangover. No, I didn't pay for it, I just hung out
in the hotel bar drinking like everyone else 'cause you can't have a decent
party at that con and the events aren't worth attending! But it gave me the
chance to see some old friends and laugh at the folks who didn't know any
better as they complained about the lack of something to see at Drag On. I
told them they should hit Fantasm instead. "When?" they asked. It occurred
to me I didn't really know myself so I had to look it up. According to
their web site,, Fantasm will be on Easter weekend next
year. April 12th-15th, and yes that is a Friday the thirteenth weekend!
Crowne Plaza, 6345 Powers, Ferry Rd, Atlanta, GA.
Speaking of disappointments, Tuesday we went downtown for the big
Centennial Olympic Park fireworks display. We had fantastic seats on the
31st floor overlooking the park so the bombs bursting in air were at
eye-level. It was a fun show, despite the awful and utterly inappropriate
music played by the sponsor (a local mainstream radio station we won't
mention) until the end, when we sat with baited breath for the grand
finale, only to have the radio confirm we'd just SEEN the grand finale! Ah
well, we shifted offices and watched the ones over Turner Field - now THAT
was a proper grand finale! Still nothing to compare to Degenerate Press
events, but fun regardless.

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