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We got this from Keith of Liar's Club, so if anyone knows of anything they
can do please contact 'em:
Really bothers me to hear about what happened to Scott. If you know of any
benefits being planned on his behalf please let me know. We would help out
in any way we can.
Keith Lee
Liar's Club

Fabulous Lounge Punks were sheduled to perform tomorrow, Friday night, at 9
Lives but I bet they won't. El Caminos, Oldstar, and Something Left After
Misfortune are also on the bill.

Here's a review by degenerate SW:
I recently had the opportunity to view a special screening of "The Eyes of
Tammy Faye" (as in Bakker). My first thought was, what the hell.. it beats
the crap out of what's playing at the googly-plex. Not knowing what I was
in for, I assumed such a public joke as Tammy Faye would be good for a
laugh. And being a fan of documentary film, I thought it'd be worth
seeing. I'm glad I went. This is an intelligent, entertaining look at one
of America's most engaging creations, the televangelist. From the first
tent revivals of the early 50's on up to the spectacle that is the Trinity
Broadcasting Network, Tammy Faye and her husband Jim Bakker were pioneers
in the televangelist world. Together they created a new audience, accepted
millions in donations, released dozens of albums, built an empire, and
saved countless souls armed with nothing but puppets, belief in God and
swap-meet makeup. After it all came tumbling down in light of countless
scandals, Tammy Faye was left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life
and as she tearfully puts it, "Take the garbage out all by myself!" As
this absorbing documentary shows, she did it with humor and inimitable
Tammy Faye style. Humor is key to Tammy-style whether it's deliberate or
not. This is one of those,
I-missed-what-she-just-said-I-was-laughing-so-hard kind of movies. The
filmmakers mix behind-the-scenes footage, video archives, and interviews to
create a portrait of a woman with love in her heart despite the egg on her
face. By the end, you're rooting for Tammy Faye to get back on television
with her "Tammy's Terrific Teens" or some other worthwhile program. If you
are looking for pee-your-pants comedy and are terrified of "The Klumps",
seek this one out.
An article about the premier of The Eyes of Tammy Faye at Sundance appears
on at

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