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Sorry for the lateness of your weekend episode. Things were going along great
here at Degenerate Press HQ - our plans for Spain were solidifying, the
Imperial was slowly coming along, work was as good as it gets, etc.
So last week when the DP computer started giving us a hard time I figured it
was time to back up a few things, particularly since I didn't have any
backups at all after moving everything over to the new machine and erasing
everything off the old machine. Saturday I sat down to check the email one
last time before starting the backups when everything went to hell. The hard
drive crashed and I couldn't get it back up again. After spending $100 of my
Spain budget on the latest Mac OS I wasn't any closer to getting to my files.
So another I coughed up another $100 for the latest Norton Utilities and
spent two days wrestling the failed drive, with no luck.
10 years of creative efforts down the digital drain, not to mention $200 I
needed for Spain. All the DP paper-based efforts, including the upcoming
Degeneration Excerpt, original files for the web pages, archived Electric
Degenerations, the latest version of a book I was writing, everything.
So I'm searching for hard drive recovery services and dreading what they're
gonna cost me. Anyone got any pointers on this?
Meanwhile, anyone got last episode so I can make sure I'm not forgetting
something in the ezine?
And it's made me think. Oh, of course about the importance of backups and all
that crap, but also about the delicacy of a digital life. My sculptures could
probably survive the whole damn house burning down and would just need a new
coat of paint, but all them magnetic 1's and 0's are now stuck in limbo
because of a few misplaced 1's and 0's in the way.

Saturday we headed to Smith's Olde Bar. I generally avoid the place - I'm not
a fan of the venue, the crowds it attracts, the poor beer selection, etc. but
with Atlantis occupying every other venue in town and having not seen
Truckadelic in a while we decided to give it a shot.
Drive By Truckers were already into their set when we walked in around 11.
They did a few of their standards, then broke into a whole set of stuff from
their upcoming southern rock opera - goddamn fantastic stuff and I can't wait
for the CD. They wrapped things up with a guest vocalist for a rousing Van
Halen cover.
The curtains closed around the stage, making me feel like I was at a play of
some sort and when you could hear the bands setting up behind it I couldn't
help but say "Pay no attention to that band behind the curtain!" in my best
Wizard of Oz voice. But it wasn't long before the curtains opened for
Truckadelic, who started up with a few new ones for their return to Atlanta
appearance. Good stuff, as usual. Unfortunately after worrying with the
machine at home all day I didn't have the gusto for the full night and
skipped out halfway through, missing the usual madness that is the last half
of a Truckadelic set.

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