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I'd like to thank degenerate BB for his recommendation of a data recovery place up in Marietta. I dropped off the small box of metal and plastic that is the last 10 years of my life on Tuesday. This morning they called and said Norton Utilities had made a mess of things and it'd be $300 just to fix the damage it had done before they can even get the drive back to the state it was in after the crash! So let that be a warning to my fellow Mac users - if you ever get "Error -127" don't try to fix it with Norton!
Hopefully they can resurrect the damn thing and we can move forward with Degenerate Press efforts. I'll know "in a couple of days."
Meanwhile, a couple of you sent me a copy of the Tammy Faye episode, which, in my post-information-death syndrome confusion, I deleted again. So if anyone still has that episode lurking around please email it to me.
And thanks for all the kind words of support. This is like having a 10 year old in a coma in the hospital. I'd go sit by the technician's lab table holding the drive's hand and talking to it if I thought it could hear me...

We got this report from degenerate JB regarding last episode:
"It's extremely unfortunate that you were at Smith's on Saturday night and somehow managed to miss Slobberbone, who had the place even more packed than the illustrious Truckers, and who rocked the house right f*cking down. I've never seen such an amazing show - by the time they left the stage I could barely stand, and when the Truckers came on, my legs gave out completely - just too much good rock knocking me off my feet. I highly suggest you don't miss Slobberbone next time - the Texas band doesn't get here that often (as evidenced by the HUNDREDS of dollars in merch they sold), but when they do, you'd have to be sick to miss them!"
By the way, no need to use "f*cking" in any Degenerate Press publication! We won't stand for that kind of fucking language, goddammit.

We caught Bless The Child last night at the drive in. The previews lead you to believe it's some sort of psychic movie but in actuality it's much less secular than that. It's a standard Satan vs. God anti-Christ vs. Christ apocalyptic flick done very, very weakly. Instead of the all-encompassing humanity on the brink kinda story, such as in Seventh Sign or End of Days, we just have a satan worshipper who kills a few kids before finding the next messiah. He tries to convert her to the dark side of the force with some cheesy dialogue but in the end the good guys win, of course. Some nice special effects don't make up for Kim Basinger's flat acting, but with this script she didn't have a lot to work with in the first place. Don't bother unless you're just fascinated with thriller movies vaguely based on Christian mythology. Me, I'm just waiting on Godzilla 2000!

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