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Saturday we hit the Star Bar early enough to get in the door and
awaited the ceremonial return of the King. Once I was lost, not a
fan of the King, but the holy temple that is the Star Bar made a
convert out of me and now I see the light. Amy and the El Vangelical
Choir kicked things off with some fine Elvis from all eras. After an
intermission the big reverend Mike Geier led Kingsized into a
rousing round of Aloha-era Vegas lounge era Elvis with his fantastic
voice. The horns were dead-on all night, despite one of the members
having to arrive on crutches after an emergency visit to the
hospital that morning, but such is the power of the King. The backup
singers were a pair of angels and the rest of the band performed
with zealous glee. And though the place was hotter than a south
Georgia church on a Sunday afternoon with no A/C, the throng shook,
rattled and rolled with His holy presence.


Wednesday we hit Phipps Plaza for a sneak preview of John Waters'
latest effort Cecil B. Demented. As you'd expect, there's ample
campiness and none of the 'issues' raised by the film are 'solved'
by the end. But many of my favorite artistic efforts simultaneously
satirize and glorify their subject - Beavis and Butthead on music
videos for example. Demented raves on and rails against independent
film. Melanie Griffith is perfect for the role, someone who would
have been a perfect drive in B movie scream queen if they hadn't
been abandoned by the Hollywood machine in favor of bigger budget,
better-acted films. Definitely worth watching. Coincidentally, the
latest news from India is that the country's most wanted bandit may
release the country's most loved film star, who he kidnapped last

Speaking of B movies at the drive in, there's a big weekend planned
at Starlight Drive In for Labor Day. Here's the latest from
degenerate SR, one of the organizers:

Drive-By Truckers
Caroline & the Ramblers
Slim Chance & The Convicts
Redneck Greece

The X-Impossibles
The Belmont Playboys
The Subsonics

The Blacktop Rockets
Johnny Knox
The Woggles
The Penetrators

In addition, Johnny Legend will be emceeing the weekend, and we'll
reprise the band I helped put together to back him at Sleazefest
with Johnny Knox on lead guitar, Mark from The Belmont Playboys on
bass, Sean from Truckadelic on drums, and me on rhythm guitar. He's
bringing prints of tons of trash-flick trailers as well as the
features Teenage Cruisers (the rockabilly porno movie he made in '77
starring John Holmes -- R-rated cut), Monster From Green Hell, Dr.
Butcher, M.D., Barbwire Dolls and The Unearthly.

We'll also be showing Goldfinger, Out of Sight (if we can find a
print), 2000 Maniacs back to back with Deliverance, Deathrace 2000
(hopefully), Rock & Roll High School, Viking Women & The
Sea-Serpent, It Conquered The World, Reform School Girl (we may just
have an all-Roger Corman night), Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, and
I'm pushing to get some Steckler flicks like Rat Pfink A Boo-Boo and
Wild Guitar. The movie lineups may change a little, but you should
get the idea. The plan is to have one "A" flick each night, and then

following flicks get trashier as the night goes on. We may have as
many as five Saturday and Sunday nights. I'm sure you've heard about
the pre-65 car show Monday as well.

Speaking of Starlight Drive In, Sunday we got there early for the
big Elvis Mondo Movie fest. The ribs were good, the Elvis karaoke
was surprisingly impressive, and the first movie, Girl Happy, was
hilarious. One moment that was of particular note was when one
character looked at Elvis and said "The king is dead," referring to
Elvis' girl-hunting days in the film.

CNN has a report on a guy with a horde of Cabbagetown photos:

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