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Dottie's has a familiar face for us regulars doing their booking now
- Rick Dang. He's joined up with Jack Cowart to form "Pink Torpedo
Productions" and book shows and such for Dottie's. He says "listen
to us live at http://dotties.abl.com"
Speaking of, there has been a request by some of the old Dottie's
regulars to get the weekly pool playing Degenerate Press meetings
going again on Mondays. Demotivation set in a while back and we
stopped going but we could probably be badgered into taking up the
habit again when we get back from Spain mid-September. Speaking of,
demotivation and budgetary issues kept us home this weekend in
preparation for our immanent departure. Hopefully we'll be sending
reports from abroad if we can find an internet cafe, and time and
motivation to use it. Otherwise this Wednesday will be our last
episode for a couple of weeks. If you got something that needs
saying, say it now or for two weeks hold your peace. Or piece.

Here's a report from degenerate SW:
The Tao of Steve
When you think of independent cinema more than likely a gripping
drama, impressive documentary or non-linear action movie comes to
mind. Independent films are seldom linked with romantic comedies.
First-time director Jenniphr Goodman (an ounce of pretension on the
name, Jen) has melded romance with independence in "The Tao of
Steve". Written by Goodman, her sister Greer, and their story's
inspriation, Duncan North, "The Tao of Steve" is a funny,
intelligent twist on the standard guy-meets-girl story. The lead
character Dex, aptly played by Donal Logue (most memorable as Jimmy
the cab driver in MTV spots), is an obese pothead who always scores
with chicks. His success is based on a combination of Eastern
philosophies and the cool stylings of love machines like the
Six-Million Dollar Man and Steve McQueen. (This movie is screaming
to have the Drive-By Trucker's "Steve McQueen" added to the
soundtrack.) All is well in his carefully crafted world until he is
reintroduced to a girl he went to college with at which point the plot is all to
predictable. What isn't predictable is the intelligent treatment
given to the characters and plot. Goodman's direction is a bit
staid and undistinct, but she is deft at sustaining genuine emotion
and sympathy for the cast; you really feel for these people. Greer
Goodman, a dead ringer for Courtney Cox, plays Logue's match and the
chemistry between them is authentic and pulsing. If you're in the
mood for romance and are disgusted by Winona Ryder & Richard Gere
(does anyone else find that pairing disturbing?) or if "Coyote Ugly"
doesn't serve enough amorous libations, be sure to check out "The
Tao of Steve". This date flick is sure to please both sexes.

Here's a response from the editor, degenerate X:
I'm just glad this film exists after my days of womanizing are
behind me (at least until degenerate SW kicks my slack ass out.)
Through my second and third college careers my friends were
impressed with my ability to "hook up." However, unlike Dex, the
lead in The Tao of Steve, I rarely told my friends anything about my
methods. I'd been largely ignored through high school and at my
first college so I felt my newfound methodology should remain my
secret. So I was studied and analyzed by my more lonely/horny
friends. Eventually when I'd walk into a room and draw the ladies'
attention they called it "The Fred," as in "He's got The Fred
today." They tried to break down the method into actions they could
duplicate but never could pull it off. So about 1/3 into The Tao of
Steve when Dex is explaining his methods to a friend I was amazed -
it was as if they'd studied the last 10 years of my life, thrown in
a few philosophical references for spice, and wrapped a screenplay
around "The Fred." I've even had the same nervous date where a past fling
wants to flirt while the current date sits watching, stunned. So if
you want some insight into the male psyche check out this little
flick. But if you're a guy still out there "in the field" do NOT
take a date to this film or you're likely to end up home alone
surfing net porn (again) afterward.

Thursday we hit the Fabulous Fox Theater to catch Mission Impossible
2. Everyone had panned it but I thought it was a lot of fun. It's
the first American John Woo picture that didn't disappoint, chock
full of cartoonish violence and silly love-at-first-sight romance,
just like his Hong Kong films but without the bad dubbing!
Unfortunately, also without Chow Yun-Fat (or Yun-Fat Chow if you
want to list it as the Chinese do, last name first) but Cruise does
an adequate job in all the action sequences, even in the mano-y-mano
martial arts stuff.

In other movie news, Emory is having a Japanese film fest starting
mid-September, and it's free. Check out
for details.

You probably already KNOW that he who spends the most in an election
wins, but isn't it about time we put aside all the bullshit
commercials and crap and just admit it? Then the politicians can pay
the voters directly instead of paying for ad time and other efforts!

"No matter what anyone says, George W. can read a Teleprompter.
Thus, he showed that he has all of the capabilities necessary to be
an American president in the Information Age."
From the Landover Baptist Church site.

Repeat after me - "I might give up my plans to renounce my
citizenship and move to Holland, if Ralph Nader gets elected
President. I might give up my plans to renounce my citizenship and
move to Holland, if Ralph Nader gets elected President..."
If you're not registered to vote or need to change your address
check out

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