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We got this response from degenerate GN regarding last episode:
"I've not been in a strip club in a while, but I've noticed that in the
adult FILM industry there's definitely been a quiet backlash against fake
boobs. I'm all for that. I prefer to oogle a real set of wobblin' melons
over the polystyrene kind any day!"

A fairly comprehensive history of MP3, and Napster, is online at
It's interesting in itself, but even more so when you think about how
history is compressing. In the information age, "ancient" history is a few
years ago. When I talk about being laid off from the computer world I get
confused looks from younger generations, but some my age and older can
recall the dreary days before the internet. But now that everyone on earth
can access the latest and greatest tools (in theory, if not practice) the
latest and greatest are advancing at absurd speed. New tools, and
improvements on current ones, happen so fast that milestones are hardly
even noticed. With everyone clamoring to get their product noticed it's
impossible to notice anyone's product short of a new Windows release. It's
an interesting cultural phenomenon, at least for those of us half-stuck in
the business. The other half of me wants to pull away from the whole petty,
pointless mess and raise olives in a small Italian hill town hoping the
world won't intrude with a McDisney on my street corner, at least not while
I'm alive to see it.
In vaguely-related MP3 news, check out page 104 of the Loafing. There's an
ad for a Metallica show at Lakewood that reads "Metallica proves the fans
come first!!" Yeah, that's why the stopped 30,000 of them from trading
their music online... 'cause the fans come first. That's why you have to
pay through the nose to get into a Metallica concert - 'cause the fans come
Sounds like the money comes first, the music second, the fans... well, the
ones with money come first I guess, the rest don't come around at all.

In case you haven't caught the trailers, a new Godzilla movie is coming.
No, not some bullshit CGI Americanized version but a Japanese rubber suit
bad dubbing version - the real deal is back, complete with atomic fire
breath and that high-pitched screech. I can't wait for the drive in to show
In other b-movie news, Rocky Horror is showing at Blackwell Theater way out
in Marietta every Saturday, at midnight of course.

"Gay Republicans did not feel well-treated by the 1996 Republican platform
and began an organized effort to make the party's platform this year more
What kind of (oxy)moron is a gay republican in the first place?? That's
like a Jewish Fascist complaining about his party's organization of
concentration camps!

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