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Friday we journeyed OTP - that's Outside The Perimeter for you
non-Atlanta-natives, up to the tourist trap town of Helen for degenerate
SHC's wedding. We hit Paul's On The River, a mediocre steak house and bar
that is very popular with locals and tourists alike. After a fair meal at a
fair price we hit the bar. They have a balcony area overlooking the dance
floor where we lurked watching the carnage below. I always wondered what
happened to the rednecks in my small home town when they got too old to
cruise the square but hadn't found that special someone to fill their
trailer full of young'uns. Now I know - they go to Pauls On The River on
Friday nights and whoop it up to a very weird mix of 80's booty shake
music, mixed in with random new wave, in between sets of live music by
Simple Life, who cover nothing but the best southern rock classics. Perched
in the balcony above, it was like looking over the side of a boat while
dumping chum into a feeding frenzy of spasmodic sharks. The movements below
ran the gamut from horrifying to hilarious, natural to nauseous and
everything in between. I toasted "To living in the city!" with degenerate
DAC, laughed, and got the hell out of there.
Meanwhile, back in the aforementioned big city, local musicians were
getting shot. Scott Lambert, guitarist for the Fabulous Lounge Punks, heaed
out to his car in East Atlanta Village only to find it being burgled. He
confronted the burgler and was rewarded with a bullet. He and his friend,
also shot, both survived though the injuries sound serious. I'm sure full
details will be in the next Loafing 'cause one of 'em worked there.

We got this in response to last episode, courtesy of degenerate RH:
"Ever been to the website? It is one of the truly great
places spouting out some political reality."
We got this from degenerate GS:
"Boy o boy do I have some blasphemy for you....
The anti-political party Shift flew Greasepaint and
the Bikini Bandits ( to Philthadelphia
earlier this week for the Repiglican Nat'l convention
. Maxim magazine threw the party for Shift at the
Troccadero to promote their "candidate" Andrij
( Greasepaint and Delta
72s played. Jello Biafra was there along with MTV News
and High Times. After Andrij's short speech, bunch of
drunk clowns including Greasepaint and busty girls in
bikinis armed with super soakers stormed the stage and
ended in a giant brawl. That's my kind of political
I have pictures and will share them as soon as they
are developed. Also, the 3 episodes of Bikini Bandits
that we are in are finished and should be on the atom
films site soon."

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