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The AJC moved their article about Mr. Kramer, the founder of Drag On
Con, so if you missed it here's the Loafing's version:

We finally got the files back from data recovery. It looks like we've
only lost whatever email we did from sometime in June, when we switched
over to the new machine, up until the crash. Not a huge loss when it
comes to files, though the financial loss from this disaster has been
extensive. Just a warning to slackers like me - back up your files! A
new hard drive arrived today so hopefully by the weekend we'll have the
Presses up and running anew. Sorry for the chaos and flaky
communications of late. Thanks for your patience. This means the web
pages, which have been rarely updated since the crash, will get a lot
of updated content, including the travel piece about Spain with
pictures. Stay tuned.

The long awaited return of EAR PLUGS
Saturday we finally got out and about again. Yeah, it's been a month or
more but we were preparing to leave the country, left the country, then
had to recover from leaving the country so quit yer bitchin. I started
off trying to get a cup of coffee at the new Cafe Diem location over at
Midtown Promenade, but you couldn't get a table without a wait and you
couldn't get to the bar without a crowbar. The crowd is considerably
more upscale than the previous incarnation over in the Highlands so I
wasn't too upset to have to move on.
I hit Echo Lounge early, coughed
up the $12 cover, and realized I just hadn't worn enough black to blend
in with the metallic crowd, which was fine by me. I got a drink and
mingled with the familiar faces. On stage, a bunch of guys that looked
liked they belong more in the library than in a band picked up guitars
and kicked the evening off with some mediocre metal. Rabby Feeber, out
of Lexington, is your average angry white band, strait hard rock with a
monotonous edge. They had a small group of fans who'd come all the way
from Kentucky, so somebody likes 'em.
Helldorado, from New York, had
more variation, and three Joan Jett-set cute girls on strings.
Unfortunately, they rarely step up to the microphone, leaving that job
to a tall, lanky guy with the typical metal voice so while the visuals
were more interesting the sound remains the same. It's good, it's just
too familiar. The joint was packed by the time Jim Stacy got up on
stage and said "The band I grew up with, and you missed, the one, the
only Nine Pound Hammer!!" If you judged on looks you wouldn't be
surprised to find out most of 'em aren't rock and rolling all night and
partying every day any more. They all look a bit past their prime. But
you wouldn't have known it from listening. Raucous metal with southern
themes started a small mosh pit almost immediately and the crowd
against the stage chanted along with all their old favorites, fists
raised in unison. Blaine, currently leader of Nashville Pussy, had his
guitar screaming audible agony and ecstasy while he hopped around like
a possessed dwarf. It was fantastic. After their first set they walked
off stage while the crowd yelled for an encore. Blaine stepped up to
the mic and said "It's been 5 years. You'd better scream louder than
that or it'll be 5 more." I thought the music was loud, but it was a
whisper compared to the screams of the crowd. They came out for another
long set then walked off stage, this time the drummer stopping to show
the blood streaming down one of his wrists.. But the crowd wanted more
so they reappeared, with Blaine sucking down a liter of Gatorade.
Blaine handed his guitar to the lead singer and took to the mic for the
grand finale, a more-screams-than-lyrics version of Train Kept A'Rollin
that seemed to last an hour. Two days later my ears are still ringing
but it was worth it, and the $12. If you're interested there's a
little web site for Nine Pound Hammer at
Nashville Pussy has a similar sound (and much more frequent appearances.)
They're online at
You may have heard a rumor that bassist Corey Parks has left the band to
join Courtney Love and Hole, but according to
that's not the case.

For those of you with infatuations for women with dark skin, big eyes,
and big smiles you're probably big fans of Univision. If you catch
Lente Loco you're familiar with Odalys Garcia, the hostess with the
mostest. Her 2001 calendar is for sale now at
(Note - I couldn't
get some of the pages on her site to load in Netscape, they seemed to work
fine in IE.)
In other Univision news, A que no te Atreves, the wacky game show hosted by
our favorite Sofia Vergara, has been canceled according to her web site,
You can still catch her daily on reruns of Fuera de Serie.

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