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As you might have noticed from the cleaner formatting, the home machine is back up and running! I haven't reinstalled all the Degenerate Press files sent by the data recovery folks, but we have a fully functioning machine again. Work on the various DP efforts will resume this weekend! Thanks for all the kind support out there, and special thanks to degenerate SF for sending the ezines we'd to us. Hopefully this will encourage us to update the long-ignored Electric Degeneration archives on the web page!

We got the latest CD from Mrs. Fun, a local duo on the Daemon Records label. According to their web site,, "MRS. FUN plays hardcore electra-acid-jazz. Complex, sophisticated and adventurous, their music is a provocative blend of off-center jazz, ulta-funk, spoken word rap, and their own brand of neo-cabaret. Intelligent lyrics, flawless musicianship, and a dynamic stage presence are hallmarks of their music."
H.P. Lovecraft wrote a short story about an alien entity at the center of the galaxy that sent out hideous racket through telepathic waves. As I recall, he described it as something similar to an orchestra of flutes warming up. And if you ever tuned in to this anti-music it would drive you violently insane.
Personally, "hardcore elecra-adic-jazz" makes me want to go on a killing rampage with a blunt hand-held weapon. I was in Wax N Facts last week and they had some jazzy racket on their sound system and I asked "Who's responsible for the noodley jazz today?" The guy behind the register, who had obviously put the stuff on, was taken aback momentarily, then cautiously said "This isn't... that noodley." Degenerate SW said "Oh, it's pretty noodley." If you LIKE noodley jazz you'll love twirling your fork in a big steaming bowl of Mrs. Fun. Personally, I'd rather tune into some alien anti-music myself...

"Urge to kill... rising..."
Homer Simpson

We also got the latest from Clutch Cargo, a local "alternative roots-rock band," according to their press kit. I didn't know anyone used the word "alternative" anymore. I read another critic's review that said something like "Sounds like the band Live." Heck, this could be Live's new CD, or, more likely, a "previously unreleased" CD full of stuff they didn't think worthy of a full release. It's not very good. It's not very bad. It's just not very memorable.

For those of you with infatuations for women with dark skin, big eyes, and big smiles you're probably big fans of Univision. If you catch Lente Loco you're familiar with Odalys Garcia, the hostess with the mostest. Her 2001 calendar is for sale now at (Note - I couldn't get some of the pages on her site to load in Netscape, they seemed to work fine in IE.)
In other Univision news, A que no te Atreves, the wacky game show hosted by our favorite Sofia Vergara, has been canceled according to her web site,
You can still catch her daily on reruns of Fuera de Serie.
Speaking of boobs on the tube, has anyone else seen the latest Victoria's Secret ad, the one with the tag line "revolutionary cleavage?" It brought to mind images of a woman with socialist flags jutting from between her breasts, or perhaps a tattoo of Washington crossing the Delaware on her chest. Viva la revolucion!
If you're interested in boobs on another tube, check out the latest Atom Films online movie, featuring members of Greasepaint:

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