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I finally got a few more positive responses for our “to party or not to party” question so I’m happy to say WE ARE ON.
November 3, Saturday, 9 PM until the cows go home, Degenerate Press’ Chaotic Costume Carnival! You must be in a costume (unless you come as a nudist), you must bring someone new (unless you’re new yourself, in which case you count), you must be this tall to ride this ride. There will be booze and beer, though selection may be limited by recent budgetary constraints so please bring your favorite intoxicant and a sharing attitude. There will be music galore, dancing, multimedia, TV, sculpture, door prizes, nekkid girls, heck, we’ll have it ALL!
Or at least all we can cram into our apartment and spill out into the yard…
Get me your postal address and I’ll get you an invite. As always, these will be works of art so it’ll be a few days before I can get it together, but a web version will exist soon.
See you then.

In order to PAY for said party, as well as keeping food on the table and internet porn in the DP HQ, we’re participating in a neighborhood yard sale next weekend, Saturday October 20, 9 – 5, and Sunday the 21st 1 – 5, rain or shine. We’ll be selling off furniture, cars, clothes, sculpture, souls, whatever we can find we’re not using!

Saturday we hit Lenny’s too late to catch the opening act, featuring a few friends of ours, but in time to catch the headliner who’s name I can’t recall. They were loud, aggressive, punky metallic guys with growly vocals you couldn’t understand a word of due to the excess volume. Even our friends from the opening act thought it too loud and hid out on the patio. But I was happy to see a small crowd there since the joint is often near empty on our occasional visit these days. Speaking of, we’re resurrecting our weekly pool playing habits there, moving to Thursday nights. It’s free pool on Thursdays, and no cover if you get there before midnight or so. Around 11 a couple of DJ’s start spinning old country, randomly throwing in some hard rock or other eclectic selection. So if you’re bored on a Thursday head to Lenny’s to join the Degenerate Press Billiards League.
Degenerate SG sent us this:
Grant Hart at the EARL was one of the better shows I've seen this year. If
you're into that Husker Du thing, I highly recommend catching him on the
27th. Just don't request Husker songs that Bob Mould wrote, as one of my
friends did inadvertently when put on the spot by Grant.
I'll be going again.

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