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Tuesday we hit the Starlight Drive In as the cold front moved in. Apparently someone other than the Drive Invaders had organized a gathering, some 10 cars were parked together with a grill and lawn chairs and such a few rows back. But only a couple of official Invaders braved the weather aside from us to catch Bandits, a comic heist movie about two guys that escape from prison and become bankrobbers, getting entangled with a woman along the way. As bankrobbing films go, this ain’t the most thrilling. As comedic films go, this ain’t the funniest. But the combination of those and the slight romantic element works pretty well. Billy Bob Thornton is good as the hypochondriac brains of the operation, Bruce Willis isn’t bad as the strong silent type, and Cate Blanchett is excellent as the bored and manic housewife that comes between them. Though you’ll have to suspend your disbelief in a few places (particularly towards the end) it’s worth renting when it comes to video.

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